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I know you


I know you !

I know you.
the thing is you just don’t understand how difficult it all actually is for me , you just don’t know

that’s what O said to me today

oh my sweetheart I do , I do , I knew you and loved you before you were born … I know when you’re sad and when you’re afraid , I know the moment I lay eyes on you when i pick you up from school if you’ve had a bad day. I know if you need a hug and to hold my hand and i know if you would rather I didn’t touch you , talk to you , just walk next to you on our way home. I know because I know YOU.
I know how hard you try every day and I know how angry and frustrated you get with yourself and everybody else when it all goes wrong.
I know by the way you walk , the way you talk , the look in your eye just how hard it all is for you

What I don’t know ( yet) is what to do
And how to help you.

But , my lovely boy I do know how hard it all is for you
My darling I know you

I just wish you knew.