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Mr Peabody and Sherman


Today we went to the cinema to watch mr Peabody and Sherman. Myself , the 14,12 and 9 year olds.
Mr Peabody is a genius who adopted Sherman when he found him abandoned as a baby. Mr Peabody also happens to be a dog.
After an incident on Sherman’s first day of school Mr Peabodys care of Sherman is questioned.
On the evening of a dinner to make amends with Penny – the girl Sherman bit at school- and to prove that Mr Peabody can care for Sherman, things go wrong when penny and Sherman take a ride in the ‘ way back’ Mr Peabodys time machine.
I loved seeing some history in the movie , we saw Marie Antoinette and the start of the French Revolution , Leonardo da Vinci and even Mona Lisa in Renaissance Italy and we also saw the start of the Trojan war and ancient Egypt where penny and Sherman meet a young king Tut. There were even appearances by Einstein , George Washington , Bill Clinton, Abraham Lincoln and Spartacus.
We all really enjoyed the movie. It was very funny , the storyline was brilliant and kept moving .
Visually it was excellent and we loved the bits where Mr Peabody calculates things in his head and it shows his calculations on screen.
I give this movie a very big thumbs up for action and laughs and some very sweet moments too. 👍👍👍


We watched …. Hotel Transylvania


This evening I watched Hotel Transylvania with the 15 , 13 , 11 and 8 year olds.
Count Dracula has built the hotel as a place of refuge for all the monsters in the world to be safe from humans. Until now no humans have found the hotel but as the monsters gather for the 118 birthday party of Draculas daughter , a human stumbles upon the hotel and things are about to change.
This was a nice movie , there were quite a few funny bits , the monsters were funny characters and it had quite a good storyline. But there was something missing. It wasnt quite fun enough , or warm enough. The 11 and 8 year olds lost interest halfway through. And I just wasn’t glued to the screen.
I wouldn’t say rush out and buy it , but it would cheer up a rainy duvet day.

What we’ve watched ….


The Croods and Rise of the guardians.

The Croods,
Today we went to the cinema to watch the croods , I took my two fifteen year olds , my twelve year old and my 11 and 8 year olds.
The Croods are a Stone Age family , they live in a cave and rarely venture out as Grug their over protective father tells them ” never not be afraid ”
One day their world changes around them and they need to find somewhere new to live.
Along the way they meet Guy and we see a budding romance between Guy and Eep the daughter.
There were alot of laughs in this movie. It was full of fast moving action and visually it was an absolute treat.
We all enjoyed it very much , if you like action , fun and lots of laughs this is a great movie. I will enjoy watching it again when it comes on DVD.

The rise of the guardians.
On Easter Monday we watched the rise of the guardians on DVD. I had been looking forward to this movie for quite a while , and it certainly didn’t disappoint.
Pitch black is spreading fear and trying to stop all the children in the world believing in Santa , the tooth fairy , the Easter bunny , sandman and Jack Frost.
Together as the guardians they must work together to stop pitch black.
Along the way Jack Frost tries to discover who he was and why he was chosen to be a guardian
Well , this movie had it all. Extremely likeable characters( I particularly liked the sandman) , a great story line. Lots and lots of laughs and many touching moments. It was visually delightful , heartwarming and all in all a truly magical movie.
The 11 year old said it was the ” best movie ever” and I would have to agree that it’s up there with my favourites. Myself , my teenagers and my younger kids all enjoyed it and I would highly recommend it for a family DVD night or a duvet day.