Show us your blog : linky


show us your blog !

Hello, this weeks linky is open, very a little late , but better late than never 😊.

Its a very easy linky to join there are no rules because I’m not the boss of the internet , if you have a blog, large, small , new, well established, if you are a regular blogger or just an occasional one ….you are all welcome .

You may link up your whole blog or a particular post .

It will be open till tuesday evening so there is plenty of time to perhaps look and ( if you’d like to…comment on a couple others that have linked up )

Im a big believer in sharing blog love 💜 there is room for all of us and I believe my linky is a good way for ( especially new bloggers ) folk to find new readers and also come across blogs they otherwise may not have found .

I wont lie its proving hard to get my linky off the ground but im not giving up on it because I still think its a good idea , why not show my linky some love and join up or i shall stamp my feet and be very cross

The link is just below ….I look forward to you showing us your blogs , thanks for reading , G, xx


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