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Books … How do you like yours ?


I love books. I love to read. My absolute favourite and best thing to do if I have any free time is to snuggle up with a book. I love my kindle , it’s light easy to carry around and easy to get books on ( not always a good thing as I’m too easily tempted if I see a good book) but actually I still prefer the feel of a book. I love to crack the spine of a good book , bend the cover right back and dog ear the corners to save my place ( these are the reasons why my 15 year old hates me reading her books )

I’ve always loved reading but my tastes have changed alot. I used to stick to romancey lovey dovey books,true life stories ,or crime thrillers, I always said I hated paranormal books as I had to be able to believe the story could happen but when the twilight books came out I was totally converted
I LOVE paranormal books. Mostly young adult. I enjoy them all , vampires, werewolves , angels , faeries, witches , demons , I love the escapism you get when you read these books.
I dont think I will ever branch out into sci fi books as I don’t even like sci fi movies but you never know.

How do you prefer to read , a good old fashioned book or the new fangled kindle ?

What do you enjoy reading ?


Hi Hun…luv u babes….lol


I like Facebook. I do. It’s put me back in touch with people from back in the day and some of them people have become some of my closest confidants. I like to have a read through and see what people are up to , I love to see friends Photos and actually it’s nice to share in a little piece of people’s lives , enjoy their happiness support them when it’s all going wrong and sometimes to be honest just to feel smug and think “well I never liked you much anyway.
What I don’t like so much is that everybody is everybody’s “Hun” do we all go about our days calling everybody Hun or babes ? No of course we don’t. Do we all love everybody on our Facebook ? No of course we don’t. I don’t even like some of my “friends” , some I only keep for the sake of being nosey. We end our comments with kisses when in fact we often wouldn’t touch the person with a barge pole. …. And worst of all , it’s the “lol” if Facebook is to be believed we are all an incredibly funny bunch , there are Lols all over the place. But how many of us are actually laughing out loud when we type lol. Let’s face it most of the time we type lol because it’s the only way we can think of to end the conversation , when we log onto Facebook we go from perfectly literate articulate people into people that can often only communicate by typing such gems as that’s gr8 babes. Luv u Hun. Lol. Anyway I must go and check facebook to see who’s having “a gr8 time in Starbucks with their hun , lol”

Favourite child


Do I have a favourite child. The answer is of course simple …. No ! …. And ..yes !! If you were to ask me at 5:30a.m the answer would have to be the one that is up and bright as a button before I’m even out of bed. But then she wouldn’t be my favourite at dinner time when she turns her nose up at whatever I’ve slaved over for dinner again. If you asked me at 6:30 p.m when I’ve run out of milk it would be the one who is always willing to run to the shop for me but then again I wouldn’t say it was her when her pile of clean laundry is still on the bedroom floor a week later. When I get into bed every night to find its been invaded by my little boy , again, leaving me an inch of space, I wouldn’t say it was him , but then again he’s so warm and snuggly, and he must love me most if he likes to sleep in my bed , right ?
If there’s a spider the size of a house in my bedroom then obviously my favourite is the one who will come and liberate it and then do a spider check of my whole room so I can sleep safe and sound , but he is absolutely not my favourite when he won’t get up for school in the morning.
So basically YES I do have a favourite at any given time one of them will be my absolute favourite and best , until someone comes along and knocks them off the top spot ! But could I actually choose one over another ? NO , they are all mine, they are all wonderful / horrid and they all get their turn at the top. Now which one is going to make me a cup of tea ? Who’s mummys favourite ?

That looks nice mum !


My kids are a fussy lot. They aren’t keen on trying new foods , sometimes I fancy something different so I will make myself something after I’ve fed the kids. As soon as my food hits my plate someone will say “that looks nice mum” they will taste it ,
ooh and aah and ask me to please buy it for them one day. Delighted that I’ve found something new that someone likes I will buy it in the next shopping and after dishing it up for the child who so desperately wanted it they wont like it. It’s the same with chips, one of my kids will only eat curly fries or French fries , never homemade chips . But, if I make homemade chips for myself she’s there nicking them off my plate. Either my plate has magical powers or my kids just like to be difficult. I suspect it’s the latter.

Irish twins … How do yours get on


As I have 7 kids obviously there’s a range of age gaps but the one I find most interesting is my Irish twins. I only recently found out there was a name for siblings born within a year of each other I don’t know why they are called Irish twins but they are , so there. I had a son in April ’97 and a daughter in march ’98.
I imagined it would be a lovely age gap. They would be so close , but actually they cannot /will not get on with each other.
They have always been competitive with each other , who had the most, who was first , who did it best , who stayed up later , who got more money , they have no common interests at all ! Not what I imagined !
Would they be closer if they were the same sex ? I would have thought not.

Do you have Irish twins. Are you an Irish twins. How well do yours get on ?