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Elevators , museums and passing out : summer holiday bucket list


The transport museum was on our summer holiday bucket list because we’ve wanted to go for a while.
I didn’t expect it would be a very busy museum and the tube journey is only half an hour.
So we set off there today. Me O and L ( the 15 year old)
O was quite anxious about getting the tube but it was a straightforward journey. Except it wasn’t … O was becoming more anxious all the time and kept repeating ” I can’t do it … I can’t do it”
I kept telling him “it’s ok baby you are doing it. ”
then L says to me ” I feel a bit sick ”
I joked ” don’t go getting ill on me” …. Turned round to see her sliding down the pole then laying passed out on the floor of the train. I woke her up , by sort of poking her and saying ” WHAT ARE YOU DOING”
A man helped me lift her into an almost sitting position and we carried on towards Covent garden , me assuring O that he could do it, him telling me he couldn’t and me praying that L wasn’t about to vomit or pass out again.
Finally after what seemed forever we got off the train but I hadn’t realised that you have to get the lift at Covent garden , unless you want to walk the equivalent of 15 storeys up the steps I don’t do lifts. Not ever. I’m terrified of lifts. Always have been.
And lifts packed with hundreds of people are my idea of hell.
O was scared to go in the lift , I was absolutely freaking out ( inside) but we had to do it.
All the way up I kept saying ” well , look how brave we are , aren’t we clever ” but that was not what I was feeling ATALL, inside there was some major freaking out going on.
When we finally emerged into open air it was a welcome sight to see a Marks and Spencer , we popped in to get L a drink and some cookies ( she didn’t have breakfast, which probably explains the passing out on the hot stuffy tube ) and I accidentally bought myself an apple turnover.
The museum was easy to find …. Much more expensive than it was worth and quite full. It was full of the kind of kid that push everyone else out of the way to sit in the drivers seat first. I hate kids like that. I hate parents who let their kids be like that. So we spent quite ALOT of time queuing up only to be pushed in front of. O enjoyed looking at the old trains and buses , he liked ” driving” the buses ,because he likes steering wheels , but actually I found it excruciatingly boring. Hot , boring and full of horrible kids.







We had planned to have a Burger King for lunch as we dont have a local one but it was very busy and the queue wasnt moving so we walked to a McDonald’s instead.
The whole place , Covent garden and leicester square was just too busy for O.

We sat on a corner of pavement to eat our McDonald’s , not fine dining but there was just nowhere else to sit , and It just happened that we were sitting outside M & M’s world.

We popped in just to have a look. It’s basically full of over priced rubbish , save yourself a journey , and we obviously got drawn in by the chocolate. ok , I got drawn in by the chocolate . I said the 3 of us could get a small bag of pic n mix each.
Rather sneakily there was not a weighing scale in sight , so although it tells you that 100g will be £1:99 it’s very hard to judge how much you have.

I thought we’d done quite well , not too greedy , but as we lined up to pay I saw what other people were paying , I joked to L ” god, this won’t cost £10 will it”?
Obviously it didn’t cost £10.
It set me back £14:98 for 3 small bags of m & m’s.

We decided to get the train home from Leicester square rather than suffer the lift at Covent garden again , but Leicester square is big and busy. O was very anxious , so we let one busy train go and waited for a better one.
A couple of people got up so we could sit 3 in a row , I think we were noticeably harassed , stressed , anxious , noisy (O) , the rest of the journey went quite well apart from a minor panic when we thought we had to use the lift at earls court.
I don’t think I actually could have done it , I could feel a freak out coming on , thank God there were escalators.

We are home now , I’ve had to take some painkillers and O isn’t feeling well , L doesn’t seem too good either.

I had spent quite some time googling the journey but it had never crossed my mind to check if a station would be lift only.
It hadn’t occurred to me how busy Covent garden would be ( stupid ) and I always always have a drink in my bag.
Today I had forgotten.

I think tube journeys into busy parts of London are not our thing.