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SEN MATTERS weekly round up : week 2


welcome to this weeks round up of the weeks autism / SEN posts

First up is a post of my own about deciding to deregister O , my 8 year old from school

I’m linking to a couple of posts by @mamabegood because they are great posts ( It was difficult to choose just two of her posts they are all great , take a look at her twitter to see more )

Next is a post by @OAGconsultants titled what is autism , another twitter account worth checking out !

This is a post I really enjoyed written by @AutismLaughs

This post is from @KidsHealth , autism : special needs fact sheet for educators

I love this post by @Mom2Rebels

This post is by @Mom2Rebels , titled Autistic twins

I came across a twitter account that was new to me this week and I loved this post
Written by @srsalas13

And finally I found this article by @AutismAtHome very interesting