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Show us your blog :linky


Show us your blog is my linky which I’ve been trying to get off the ground for a while now , I’ve decided not to give up on it because (if i may say so myself) I think its a good idea .
So, I’ve moved it to saturday as it wasn’t doing too well midweek, and its now open from the saturday through to tuesday . Plenty of time to link up .
The rules are the same , there are no rules . If you have a blog, new or established, big or small, beauty, baby, family or anything else you are welcome to join in. The idea of the linky is simply what it says in the title “show us your blog” its a good way to find new readers or to find new blogs to read .
You can either link up your whole blog or if there is a particular post you’d like to show off feel free to do so .
The only thing I ask is that if you link up you have a look at and maybe comment on one or two others that have also linked up .
So thats all you need to know, I will of course give you a shout out when you link up.

The linky is here

its easy to do, even I can do it , I look forward to reading and sharing your blogs .

Thanks for reading, G xx


Look whos back , back in town , well…back on the blog


I havent been blogging because ….reasons….meh!
But ive missed it ,blogging is my voice, my own little place that I’m the boss of ,so I’m back and itching to get blogging.
I have lots of blog posts i want to get out this week ….
I want to dust off ” my positive week ” because I had great feedback from that !
I want to persevere with my ” show us your blog linky” seriously how hard is it to get a linky on its way to being a success ?
Ive got some great interviews for my ” behind the blog” series ,and as well as word of the week and my sunday photo , id like to find another linky that I fit into .I also need to get blogging about my pyjama walk for autism , because how hard is it to get sponsors ? Who knew ?
I have also been meaning to review fruit broo tea ( because I love it)
So lots to be cracking on with , i hope you will enjoy my blog this week and if you know of any linkys i might fit in to please let me know xx i also desperately need to catch up on and comment on all the lovely blogs i read 😃

As always thank you for reading xxx

*hangs “gone fishing ” sign on blog


* sigh* just as the blog has being doing super well I’m just not finding myself able to blog ,theres to much in my head , my heart and mind are both heavy . I need to get past the tests and examinations and blood results before i can allow my headspace time for anything else .I also dont want to bore anyone
Id like to ask you a favour though , please please keep sharing this post for me it will mean so much to me to smash our target , and tomorrow i will pop the ” show us your blog ” linky up , please link your lovely blogs up ,its been really hard to get that linky going and id be gutted if it crashed and burned before it took off . I have loads of posts lined up to do but I’m just not feeling it right now
While I’m not blogging i will be catching up on reading other blogs , better than a book when i cant focus ,

See you on the other side 💜

Show us your blog : linky


Welcome to the ‘show us your blog’ linky. The linky will be open until Saturday at 8:00 pm . (It’s open every week from Thursday until Saturday evening)
If you have a blog you are welcome to join in , it’s also a good way to find new blogs to read.

Here are the rules :
There arent any rules !
It doesn’t matter if your blog is old , new , big , small , all blogs are welcome .
I do think it’s always nice if people read and perhaps comment on a couple of other blogs that are linked up. Just to share some blog love 💜 because that’s what this linky is for. Sharing the blog love 💜.

That’s it , all you need to know . The linky is at the bottom of this post , thankyou for reading and I do hope you will link up.

We aren’t on the playground ( part 2)


It’s not up to me to tell people how to tweet , but …..
I’ve said it before and I will say it again , because I can ,
We are not in the playground , we aren’t children and twitter is not meant for bullying and nastiness.
I’ve not been bullied , and actually nobody has been nasty to me on twitter but every so often twitter takes a nasty turn.
There’s nothing wrong with having a disagreement or a debate , can you imagine how boring it would be if we all just agreed with each other but why do things have to get nasty.
Why not take your disagreement out of the glare of twitter and settle it privately or just unfollow each other and be done with it.
Why the name calling and subtweeting and involving others.
If you don’t like someone on twitter don’t follow them , block them , report them , whatever ….
If you don’t agree with someone but can’t make your point in a civil manner maybe just block them and eat some cake or something. If somebody offends you maybe they aren’t somebody you should be following.
Twitter is not the be all and end all of everything.
It’s just twitter. Use it , don’t use it , whatever …. Just maybe don’t use it to be nasty. Buy a punch bag , meditate , find something else to do with your anger. Something less angry. And don’t snipe at people just because it’s safe behind your keyboard , before you tweet perhaps ask yourself if you speak to someone like that in real life.
If you would then maybe social networking isn’t for you.

Anyway , twitter is a bit rubbish tonight so I’m going to put my phone down and read a chapter of my book.
Because I can , because if twitter is being rubbish and snipey I can just put it down.

Peace y’all !

🎉Happy one year birthday to my blog. ðŸŽ‰


My blog is one year old !
( actually it’s a year old on the 28th but it’s close enough )

A year ago I had the idea that I’d like to give blogging a go. As a hobby.
I had no idea if I would even find anything to write about , or if anybody would read it , but a year on it’s still going , people are reading it and I’m very very proud of it.
I’ve never really found a niche.
I’m not sure I want to.
I mostly write about autism and Ollie , when I started the blog I didn’t even know Ollie had autism. People that have been following from the start have followed that whole journey with me. It’s been emotional , stressful , sometimes hard to write but the support I’ve had from writing about it had been incredible.
I’ve recently started writing a lot of gluten free posts which have been received really well. And which I enjoy writing.
There’s also other stuff in there such as book reviews , I love books and I love telling people when I find a really good one.
I think ( hope) my writing has got better over the past year but some things haven’t changed. I’m not a planner. Who has time for that ? I blog about something when it comes into my head. Or when I can’t sleep at night. I blog in bed , on buses in the park. Wherever.
I’ve had a little criticism about my writing style because I write as I’m thinking , sometimes it doesn’t flow but that’s me , that’s just how I do it and it probably won’t change.
Every ‘ like’ that my blog gets makes me proud.
I love getting comments , it’s lovely to have written something that someone wanted to take the time to comment on. People have told me that some of my posts have made them cry , I love that ! Not because I like to make people cry but because it makes me proud that I can write something expressive and emotional.
And I love it when someone tells me a post has helped them or inspired them , that’s happened more times than I ever imagined. I’ve also discovered what a supportive community bloggers are and I’m proud to be a part of that.
Blogs dont really work without the readers. As much as people ‘ blog for themselves’ which I mostly do , just because I enjoy it , the fact is that once you hit publish you are putting it out there to be read , and there is always the hope that somebody will actually read it. ( in my opinion anyway ) so I’d like to say THANKYOU to every single one of you that had taken the time to read my blog , and for every like , share and comment , thank you.

New year … New ( but same old ) blog.


So I’ve not blogged for a while …. Ive even thought about not blogging , no particular reason , I just sometimes wonder if there is a point.
But there is a point …
I like to write !
It’s my thing and I like to have a thing
I’m not writing any great works here , but I’m writing , Im thinking and using words and …. I like it.

My blog is almost a year old.
When I started I didn’t really know what to blog about.
But my blog became mostly a blog about Ollie , and autism and CAMHS , it then also became the place I vented my frustrations about school ,if you’ve been reading that long ( first of all thank you) you will have read the whole process from The time I first thought there was something not right to me deregistering Ollie from school.

The thing is I never intended my blog to be about that , and while Ollie , autism , CAMHS , homeschooling etc are things I will always write about because I think it’s important to write about these things , to ( possibly) help others and to make people aware and accepting , I would like to fit some other things into my blog.

I’m not just Ollies mum , I have 7 kids ranging from a 9 year old to a tween , to teens all the way up to an actual adult ( I know right , I don’t possibly look old enough ) … I’d like to write some more family orientated stuff , I’m not even sure what yet , just that as much as I love Ollie I’m not just his mum

I’ve written a few book reviews , books are my favourite things aside from the kids , I love books , I love to read.
I want to do more book reviews , more book related posts , even maybe some reviews of books Ollie reads , perhaps me and Ollie will even collaborate on some book reviews.

I also love movies. Whether at the cinema , on DVD or just on the TV I love to snuggle up with a kid or two and watch a good movie. We used to have movie nights , I’m going to start that again because it’s a really good way of getting us all in the room together ( also a good excuse for fizzy pop and snacks ) so I may blog a little about what we watch.

Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is cook and bake more.
I can cook I just lack inspiration , and I have the worlds fussiest family but I’m going to try involving them in a bit of baking , while I try to find inspiration for some new family meals.
I’d like to include perhaps a little of what we make.
And also stick to making regular meal planning posts. mostly because if I’ve blogged that I’m making something I’m more inclined to do it.

I also want to do a bit of decorating , get the half painted rooms finished , spruce the house up a little maybe even make ( or buy) some bunting and other such lovely stuff , I’m also going to be swapping rooms with the teen ( so my new room will need decorating ) this will be done on a very tight budget , and I’m no interior designer but if you would like a nosey at what I do with an almost non existent budget I might blog a bit about house- sprucing- up

is this too much change ?
I hope not.
There’s just a little bit more ….

One last thing I’d like to include is the stuff me and Ollie do while he is home with me unschooling
I’ve decided to keep the unschooling posts to this blog mostly because multiple blogs are just a bit much to look after.

I won’t be changing how I write , it’s who I am and how I do this.

I hope you will stick around for 2014
, it’s still the same blog just with a bit more
If something doesn’t work I’ll just bin the idea and move on. So do let me know !

I don’t really do resolutions but one I am making this year is
To stop letting people drain the soul out of me.
let’s see how that goes.

THANKYOU for reading , and happy new year !

Roll up roll up , show us your blog . Linky is back.


Do you blog ? Do you read blogs ?
My linky is very simple , there are no rules , just link up to show us your blog I do think it’s polite to maybe stop by and take a look at one or two other blogs that link up , but it’s not the law.

What’s the point of my linky ?
I’ve wondered this ….. But it’s actually a simple answer , it’s always nice if someone new stumbles upon your blog and takes a look , I’ve said it before and I will say it again because it’s still true , I write because I like to , I’m not interested in doing giveaways , reviews , sponsored posts etc but if I actually wanted to write purely for myself I’d write a word document , or a journal or email myself or go totally retro and use a pen and paper.
Of course it’s nice if someone new reads my blog.
I have nothing against blogs that do reviews etc in fact I read lots of them

So that’s why I do this linky.

Who knows , if you link up at the bottom of this post someone new might find your blog and you might find a new blog that you enjoy.

So whether your blog is old or new , whatever you blog about , reviews , competitions or not
show us your blog

Let’s show eachother some blog love 💗

Ten months.


Ten months. I’ve been blogging for ten months now.
I started mostly out of curiosity , I wanted to see what it was all about.
Try something new.
See if I could do it.

Over the ten months I’ve have had blogging highs and blogging lows.

One of my biggest highs was having posts featured on the mumsnet front page and ” autism today ” in the same week.

Sometimes I love it , mostly I love it , but sometimes I feel a bit meh! Towards it.

I’ve stopped caring about charts even though I was doing well. It was pressure and I only blog for an escape , not more pressure.

Looking back over my posts I can see for sure that my writing has got better and more confident.
But my grammar is terrible. So my 15 year old yells me :-/
I’m still not a planner.
I usually write posts in bed on my phone. I’ve often written them on the bus. And I never plan or know what to write. I know what I want to write about but I let the post come out of my head naturally.

I’m not sure how well that works but people are reading so it can’t too bad.

I have regular readers aswell as comments from regular people too.
Which makes me really proud.

And people say such lovely things , lovely comments about the blog.
many times now I’ve been thanked for writing a post.

It’s amazing when that happens.

I’ve also got so much advice through my blog

Sometimes I worry about what I write about but I think that’s the niche I’ve fallen into. And I’m happy here.

I always worry that my posts are not intellectual enough and I’ve come to realise I’m not a funny person.

But I am honest , and genuine.
What I write is totally me and what I feel from my heart.

Through blogging I’ve become more confident and I’ve found a place where I can have a voice about autism.

One of my blogging lows is that my linky thing ” roll up roll up show us your blog” hasn’t taken off.

I know some people are cynical about Linkys , do they just get more stats for the host ? but I genuinely did it to find and share new blogs.
I love to share other people’s blogs. I love retweeting good posts.
I just don’t know the how’s and whys of making a linky work.

I will be sticking around in the world of blog for a while yet and hopefully make my writing better and become even more confident.

THANKYOU if you are a new reader or if you’ve been reading from the start.

Every view and every comment is appreciated. I am genuinely so excited to get comments or likes.

Blogs don’t really work without readers , so thanks again readers for sticking around.