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Gluten free crumpets : review


I was over the moon to find gluten free crumpets in the tesco free from range.
Sometimes you just can’t beat a hot crumpet with ( too much) butter spread on it.
I will say I wasn’t overly keen to try these , they look a little ‘fake’ I don’t know how else to describe it. A bit plastic maybe.
But yesterday I was ravenous in the evening so I took the plunge.


Once toasted the crumpet actually looked appetising.

So , these crumpets are nice , very nice , in fact ive eaten the whole four pack since last night oops
But unlike most of the other gluten free things I’ve tried so far they didn’t really taste like the real thing.
I’m pretty sure you could pick them out as the ‘different’ one in a line up.
Disappointing because as I said sometimes you just can’t beat a crumpet.
These come a very close runner up ,
If you buy them expecting them to be just like normal crumpets you will be disappointed ( in my opinion) but if you buy them because you love a hot toasted snack I reckon they’d do the job just fine.

I give these a thumbs up πŸ‘ but I’m only rating them a 6 and a half / 10 because they just aren’t crumpetty enough.
I will buy them again but I will be on the look out for better.


Stir fry with Amoy gluten free noodles


I’m not sure how I’d got to be 39 without ever having eaten or made a stir fry.
But I had. In my quest for finding tasty gluten free foods I found Amoy straight to wok ribbon noodles. They are gluten free.
So I decided it was time to give a stir fry a try.

I chopped
β€’ a green pepper
β€’ a red pepper
β€’ an onion
β€’ a carrot
β€’ I meant to use a clove of garlic but I forgot to buy it
β€’ and I used half a bag of bean sprouts

I cooked the vegetables and the bean sprouts in some olive oil , in my lovely new Jamie Oliver frying pan.
When they were cooked I chucked the noodles in , added a big splash of light soy sauce and cooked it for a couple of minutes more.

And that was it. It couldn’t be easier.
Why have I not done this before ?
It made enough for 3 of us.


The noodles were lovely and the whole thing was delicious.

It’s going to be a weekly thing now I know how quick easy and tasty it is.
And I will definitely be using the Amoy noodles.


And here’s a gratuitous photo of my new frying pan …. Just because


One week gluten free and loving the food.


Tomorrow it’s one week exactly since I went gluten free.
As I’ve said in previous posts I decided to try this because I noticed that my IBS was so much worse whenever I ate pasta , or bread.
I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy any nice food anymore a lot of people think that gluten free means bland but I have been really pleasantly surprised.
As well as finding lots of nice things to eat I’ve been feeling a lot better.
I’ve had no tummy troubles this week , no migraines ( which I usually suffer from a few times a week ) and I’ve felt much less bloated and tired.
So what have I been eating ?
I’ve made myself pizza using warburtons gluten free wraps as a base


I’ve been eating gluten free pasta with homemade tomato and vegetable sauce

And used the leftovers to make a pasta bake


The waitrose gluten free pasta is very good.

I’ve had lovely cheese sandwiches using the gluten free bread from the tesco free from … Range , the sainsburys own label gf bread is also very good


And I tried the rice mac and cheese from Amys kitchen which I really enjoyed


Today for my dinner I had toasted sandwiches , one with cheese and beans , the other with cheese and tomatoes using gf bread , they were delicious in fact, that I even ate them so quick I forgot to take a photo.

I’ve found lovely biscuits and cakes , ginger biscuits and double chocolate chip cookies from tesco are my current favourites and warburtons gluten free muffins are amazing


This week im going to try a stir fry using Amoy gluten free noodles and pancakes using Mrs Crimbles batter mix. As well as some gluten free crumpets , and pitta breads which I shall fill with salad.



There is so much gluten free food available and apart from some creme caramels from tesco and also tescos ‘ special flakes’ cereal I’ve really enjoyed everything I’ve tried.

Another good thing is that because I’ve been thinking much more about what I eat I’ve been eating a lot more vegetables.

Here’s to another week of finding and tasting new food.

I’m not at all sure about paediasure


I’m not really someone who likes to get into arguments on my blog , and I certainly don’t have a holier than though attitude … But today I’ve noticed something that’s concerned me a little. “PaediaSure Shake is a delicious supplement drink for children who are fussy eaters
I’ve seen a few reviews for paediasure , a powder , similar to infant formula in a tin , although you can buy it ready made and although from what I’ve read by googling it does have a place for children who having actual difficulties with food. Perhaps due to health reasons etc , but I have seen it reviewed as a product for fussy eaters.
Now trust me I know fussy eaters. My 14 year old is a very fussy eater but she’s gone from eating only potato , pasta , cereal and bread to eating a much better diet through perseverance and always being offered foods and also by having the nutritional value of food taught to her.
We’ve had tears and tantrums at the table but now she’s a much better eater , I also have a12 year old who was a picky eater but by trying the ‘just try one ‘ approach ie literally putting one pea or one piece of carrot on her plate eventually she grew To like more foods.
I also have two autistic boys , one doesn’t like the way lots of foods feel in his mouth , he also gets anxious over trying new things so his diet is limited …. Although I regularly introduce new things and slowly he accepts them.
My 9 year old Oliver doesn’t like unfamiliar food and at the moment is fixated on cereal. He also imagines there is hair on his food. Which causes difficulties at mealtimes.
But both the girls with all their pickiness and my two autistic boys are growing healthily , ollie is just a touch underweight , I get the boys weighed regularly and if the doctor decided there was a problem I may try such a product as paediasure but not without medical advice.
My worry would be that with , for example the fussy girls giving them a drink instead of encouraging a meal would have taught them that they needn’t worry about the meal as they would get a drink , much quicker and easier to deal with.
With my autistic boys there’s a real chance that they may start to fixate on and rely on these drinks. As it’s so much easier than having to cope with different textures in your mouth and new tastes. I know ollie would see it as an easy way out. That’s why I would never buy it unless it was part of a nutrition plan including food made by a doctor.

If you have a picky eater , it’s difficult , frustrating , I know. But see your gp to rule out any underlying cause , then gather knowledge and information on helping a picky eater. I know this takes time and we as parents are tired , but ultimately we want our children to have healthy relationships with food. Real food. Not a meal in a drink.
I feel that sometimes these products are marketed to play on the fears of parents that have picky eaters but you can help your child to learn to eat better without introducing these drinks , which are costly by the way.

I’m not against the drinks themselves , on
Medical advice I’m sure they can be very helpful , and I will raise my hand and say that sometimes when Ollie has been run down and very weak , before Christmas for example when he had a sickness bug and couldn’t eat for days which was followed by huge anxiety about eating again , I bought him a box of build up , just a box , 4 sachets to help him get a little strength back , so ‘as I told him he’d be feeling ready to eat again.
What I’m against is that you can buy them anywhere without prescription , they are expensive and for parents of fussy eaters they may seem to good to resist. That I’m sure is what the marketing teams are going for.

If you have a fussy eater
Or a child with genuine medical eating problems
β€’ seek medical advice first
β€’ have their height and weight checked
β€’ask to see a dietician
β€’arm yourself with knowledge and tools to help your fussy eater
β€’ if your doctor recommends something like paediasure then use it.

But please don’t buy Into this costly drink which may actually make it more difficult to wean your picky child onto a larger range of food.

I think it’s probably best to leave the recommending of such things to the medical profession. Rather than say amazon who say “Suitable as a nutritional supplement or as a sole source of nutrition for patients who cannot or will not eat sufficient quantities of everyday food and drink to meet their nutritional requirements .( is it for amazon to decide something can be a sole source of nutrition for a child ?) or a blog reviewer.

Amys kitchen , rice mac and cheese : review


Macaroni cheese is one of my absolute favourite dinners , and although I try not to eat ready meals too often it’s always handy to have some in the freezer.
Having recently gone gluten free I wasn’t sure I’d be able to enjoy a ready made macaroni cheese anymore but I found one made by Amys kitchen ( rice mac and cheese ) and today while I’ve been poorly in bed was the perfect time to try it, as I was relying on the kids to make me dinner.

I will be honest I wasn’t sure when I first saw it , it was VERY yellow , but it was actually delicious. The portion size was just right , if I’d made it rather than the kids I would have probably had a slice of bread ( gluten free ) of course , a few chips or a bit of salad with it.

This is what it looked like


( Yes I did eat my dinner in bed , I’m poorly )

And this is how much I enjoyed it


This rice mac and cheese gets a thumbs up from me πŸ‘ and I’d rate it 8/10 , my only criticism would be that I’d have liked it a little more cheesy. It’s not difficult to sprinkle a little more on myself though.
I will definitely be buying it again.

Gluten free white chocolate and raspberry muffin: review


Cake is without doubt one of life’s joys.
A life without cake ? No thanks.

Which is why I was so pleased to find these raspberry and white chocolate muffins.


They are made by warburtons and just because they are gluten and wheat free it doesn’t mean they are taste free. They were soft , not at all dry or chewy , in fact the perfect consistency for a muffin.


There was plenty of raspberry and white chocolate , they were definitely big on flavour , I ate one to myself and I was going to let Ollie have one for a second opinion but I took a big bite as I passed it to him so he only got just over half. ( sorry Ollie )
Ollie said it was very tasty and he wanted more.
I would buy these again , very soon and I’m going to try the lemon and poppyseed flavour next.
They get a thumbs up and a rating of 9/10 ( I probably would have said 10 if they were just a little bigger , but that’s just my appetite talking)

Waitrose gluten free pasta : review.


I’m not sure I could live in a world without pasta.

Well , I probably could but I’d hate it.
Pasta is one of my favourite things so thank goodness for gluten free pasta.
Today I tried it for the first time , I used waitrose gluten free fusilli.
I made a sauce using
β€’ a tin of chopped tomatoes
β€’a red pepper
β€’a carrot
β€’a green pepper
β€’a red onion
β€’a clove of garlic
β€’a pinch of black pepper and a sprinkle of basil.
After cooking I blitzed it up in the blender ( just because I prefer smooth sauce)

When the pasta was cooked it drained it and stirred in the sauce along with a handful of cheese.


The pasta itself was lovely. Honestly I don’t think you’d be able to tell the difference between this one and normal pasta. If anything it was a little lighter , which led me to having seconds πŸ˜„ !

Will I buy it again ? Absolutely.
It gets a very big thumbs up πŸ‘
And a rating of 10/10 it really was that good.

My homemade sauce was awesome too πŸ˜„

Gluten and wheat free wraps : review


It’s day 1 of me going gluten free and it would be foolish of me to declare that it’s made a difference already. But what I will say is that after a long long time of being very very poorly ( diorreah, sickness , tummy cramps , bloating, headaches hot sweats and extreme tiredness ) within 20 minutes of every meal today I made myself a meal that I often eat , but using a gluten free alternative and an hour and a half after eating my dinner I’m feeling ok , not wonderful , I won’t be dancing around the room tonight but I’m certainly not poorly.
I made myself a pizzap pizza on a wrap . I used warburtons gluten and wheat free wraps


I spread a little barbeque sauce on the wrap , topped it with cheese , red and green peppers , onion , garlic and tomato.
Who says you can’t eat pizza if you are gluten free , and what’s better than making your pizza exactly as you want it.


I popped it in the oven for a few minutes and hey presto … Gluten free custom made pizzap !
The wrap was tasty , not atall bland ,and soft , it wasn’t too thin as some wraps are , it was a very good wrap and made a very good base.

Would I buy these again ? Yes.
They get a thumbs up from me and I’d rate them at 10/10

Today I’ve also eaten gluten free white bread from the tesco free from … Range which I will be blogging about and double chocolate chip cookies which I blogged about here

So far , so good πŸ˜ƒ

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies : review



I love biscuits ! And I did worry that Going gluten free meant I’d never again be able to buy a really nice biscuit.
( I know I could bake my own but in not really one for baking , I do intend to start trying out some recipes one day , but that day is not today )
I bought these double chocolate chip cookies from the tesco , free from range.
They were a nice size and lovely and thick. Just the right amount of crunch , without being too hard. And There were just the right amount of chocolate chips !They were not at all bland or cardboardy as I was worried they might be , in fact they were a really good biscuit.
In the interests of getting more than one opinion I let the 15 and 18 year olds try them ,this was painful for me , I generally dont share biscuits.
15 year old said they were nice and you couldn’t tell they were gluten free.
18 year old said they were better than a normal cookie.
The cookies come in a pack of 8 , for Β£1:35. ( 95 calories per cookie)
I will be buying these again , and again.

I give these a big thumbs up πŸ‘ and I’d rate them 8/10 !

(I would have rated them a 9 but they are the first gluten free biscuits I’ve eaten … And there will be many more … So I had to leave scope incase something even better comes along )


Going gluten free , the important stuff … Cakes and biscuits


Today is day one of going gluten free.
I’m going to do it for a week , if it makes a difference I will carry on.
I ordered my first lot of gluten free foods.
Obviously I went for the important stuff , chocolate chip cookies , ginger biscuits , cheese crackers , raspberry and chocolate muffins , creme caramel. I also bought bread , wraps , pasta , and special flakes ( cereal) .
I’m really excited to try everything.
I shall report back on how nice ( hopefully ) everything is .
I will give each thing up thumbs up or a thumbs down.

I think I should start on the biscuits * opens packet , eats them all *
Greedy ? No , it’s research !