Hi. Welcome to my blog.
I’m G ! I’ve been blogging since February 2013.
I’m 39 and a single mum to seven kids. Three girls , four boys.
It’s hard work but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
. Two of my boys have Autism.
As well as Tourette’s , tics , OCD and social anxiety.
We have a dog , Maxi , 3 years old , she’s a Yorkie and shes a little yapper , but we love her, and two guinea pigs, daisy and Lilly .
We also have a kitten , Milo , he’s about 8 months now and he’s getting bigger and cheekier by the day.
I guess I mostly blog about autism and CAMHS ,and I often write reviews about gluten free foods as I’ve recently gone gluten free.
I also blog about things we do as a family , movies we liked , books we liked. As well as some random ” life stuff ! Like my favourite post ” bust a move ” about kitchen dancing.

My twitter is @8TOZERS
my email is gretheplus7@yahoo.co.uk.
Feel free to follow me on twitter or get in touch.

I love comments, it makes my heart do a funny little backflip ….or something …when I see a comment. Interacting is the fun part of blogging.

My blog is my happy place … And while debate is always welcomed abuse is not.
Don’t mess with my happy place !
I hope you enjoy my blog

Every Thursday I run a linky called show us your blog it’s open till Saturday evenings. Anyone with a blog is welcome to link up. I hope to see you there.

Thanks for reading. Hope you drop by again 😄😄

This is a very rare selfie of me ….



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    • Thank you. Yes everyone says she looks like me and we both look like my grandad. The biggest one looks like my mum , but taller and the ginger one gets her hair from the Norwegian side. I think she looks like my mum.

      It’s not easy to get pics of the bigger boys. I will find pics of when they were young xxx

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