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Behind the blog : starring Elizabeth Roles .


Im a big believer in bloggers supporting bloggers ,there’s room for us all in the world of blogging.

I’m running a series of posts (weekly ,twice weekly? Im not sure yet) called behind the blog. Which as the name suggests is about the people behind the blogs .Ive been asking bloggers questions via email and I hope the posts will give a good insight into other bloggers,why they blog and what they get out of it .For the first post in the series I have spoken to Lizzie Roles her blog is

This is what Lizzie had to say

When did you start blogging?

August 2013

why did you start blogging?

I’d started reading some American ‘mummy blogger’ blogs & thought there was a gap in the market in the UK, then I started blogging & realised it’s actually saturated & I’m (really) late to the party.

What do you blog about?

Positivity mostly! I hate negativity & think it has the capacity to bring everyone around you down. So with my blog I try to show how even when my life sucks, my attitude about it means it doesn’t stay that way for long.

 When and where do you blog?

I blog on my phone mostly, but sometimes I hop on the PC in the office to add any media. I manage once a week but would love it to be more.

 Are you are planner or do you write when the mood takes you?

I’d like to think I’m organised but realistically I struggle to blog as regularly as I’d like with the kids around & by evening I’m shattered!

Tell us three fun facts about you !

I’m better at being thrown in the deep end, for example I hate taking my kids down town but would think nothing of throwing myself out of a plane at 12,000 feet.

I travelled to Australia & back packed on my own & loved it!

I like reading Hello! magazine.

 Do you have any blogging goals?

To encourage others as much as possible & to re-design & change my blog to my own website:

 What are your biggest bugbears when reading other blogs?

Spelling mostly, but also sentences that don’t flow well & blogs that make it hard for you to comment.

 What hobbies do you have apart from blogging? Adventures!

 Can you give us a link to your most recent post and your favourite post please?

My most recent post will be the first thing you see when you go to My favourite post is probably my review of a B&B I went to. Here’s the link to my fave post so far, it tough to choose a favourite though!

Many thanks to Lizzie for taking the time to answer my questions!

Now go check out her blog 🙂

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