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Every book deserves it’s day.


I have a pile of 4 half read books next to my bed.
It’s not often I don’t enjoy a book , I like almost every kind of book ( except sci fi which I just don’t get ) and will skip from young adult to paranormal to boy meets girl to books that Ollie has ie gangsta granny.
I loved Anne of green gables and I even enjoyed wuthering heights , although I found it hard work.
But I just haven’t loved these four books.
Maybe I’m not giving them a chance , maybe I was distracted at the time I was reading them.
I feel a little guilty every time I start a new book knowing they are next to my bed just waiting to be read to the end.
I’ve decided that every book deserves it’s day.
And as soon as I’ve read Northern lights which I’m starting this weekend I’m going to read them. All 4 of them. To the end.

The books are : severed heads , broken hearts .
Heart shaped bruise.
My sister lives on the mantelpiece
Throne of glass.

I will report back on whether they were worth going back to.

Do you ever give up on a book or do you always slog it out to the end ?


Read it love it blog it : Every Day ( book review)


Every day by David Levithan

I’m already a fan of David Levithan , he co wrote one of my most favourite books EVER ! Which is of course Will Grayson Will Grayson .

So I had high expectations for this book , and it didn’t let me down.

I love the authors style of writing. It’s very fresh. It keeps moving. I read the book in one go because I just had to keep turning the pages.

The book is about ‘A’
Every day ‘A’ wakes up in a different body.
Always a body of the same age , ‘A’ is sixteen now and always in roughly the same area , unless the host body were to get on a plane for example.
Then A would be stuck in the new area till another host travelled.

One day A wakes up in Justin’s body and A meets Rhiannon , Justin’s girlfriend. A feels a connection to Rhiannon instantly and the next day when A wakes up in somebody else’s body ” he” can’t stop thinking about Rhiannon and wanting to be with her.

A is compelled to go back and see Rhiannon and their love story begins.
Can love overcome everything ?
Can you love someone for what’s inside even if you can never truly see who they are on the outside ?

The story moves quickly and over the course of the story A is in the body of many different characters , some more interesting than others , but never boring.

It manages to be touching and moving without ever being soppy.
We never find out how A came to be or ‘what’ A is and it’s a tragic story but that doesn’t matter because it’s just so good.

Read it , Unwind trilogy ( book review)


I’ve been going on about these books for a while now on twitter but I enjoyed them more than I’ve enjoyed any book for a while.
And I read a lot of books.

Set in the near distant future in a time where unruly teenagers are dealt with in a whole new way.
Their parents sign them over to be unwound. A process whereby their bodies are divided and distributed to people who need new organs , limbs , even brains , every part of the body is used.
It’s not just unruly teenagers , tithes are children whose parents have already decided to sacrifice their child as a religious act before they are even born. When then turn 13 they are signed over.
The book centres around a group of teenagers trying to escape the unwinding process, as well as the illegal parts pirates.
The main characters Connor , Risa and Lev and starkey each have their own path in the book , at times coming together !
The book is sometimes a little graphic and at times a bit grim.
The scene in which the unwinding process is described from the point of view of the teenager ( they are awake through the whole process) isn’t pleasant reading. But it is a necessary part of the story.
There is also a character introduced in the second book built entirely from parts of other teenagers. Which raises the question of does he have a soul ?

I was gripped by these books and I’m so pleased that there is going to be a 4th !
The books are fast paced. Full of action. And the story switches from one characters story to another.which keeps it interesting.
I found the story really thought provoking.

If you like an action packed fast moving read I highly recommend this series.

The reason I jump : book review.


The reason I jump : one boys voice from the silence of autism.
By Naoki Higashida , translated by David Mitchell

There is a whole array of books about autism available.
I’ve found that most of them are either written by experts. Very heavy in theory. And often quite difficult to read. Or they are written by parents who although they can give a great insight into what it’s like for the patents and can give lots of advice they can’t of course talk for their children.
This book was written by a 13 year old with autism.
It’s written in the form of questions and answers.
It’s written in a very clear open honest way. I found the book informative and moving.
It doesn’t answer all questions. There are things that are true of Naoki , but not true of O. But it really did give a helpful , educating insight into autism through the mind of a child that lives with it.
I knew just a few pages in that I would love this book.
There was a paragraph that really struck a chord with me. Naoki says ” the voice I can’t control is different , this one blurts out , not because I want it to , it’s more like a reflex. ” he goes on to say ” even if we’re ordered to keep our mouths shut or to be quiet we simply don’t know how , our voices are like our breathing. I feel , just coming out of our mouths unconsciously ”

This describes O so well. And it’s something I so wish I could make people understand.

I wish everybody would read this book. At least anybody with autism in their lives or anyone who wants to educate themselves to better understand autism.

this is an important book.

Another must read book , in my opinion is freaks geeks and aspergers. Also written by a child with aspergers.
Again a great , informative insight.

Blog every day in August : you need to read this …


Day 10 , you need to read this ……

I’m an avid reader.
I inhale books.
Every now and then I come across a book that I think EVERY BODY simply must read.
I’m sure I’ve tweeted about them before but these are 3 books that I think
everybody must read


This book is about a boy called August with a facial deformity. August has never been to school before but now he going to give it a try.

This book made me feel a whole spectrum of emotions. Through sadness , anger , laughter and so much more.

It was a real insight into what life is like for someone with a facial deformity and for those around them.

This book moved me so much. I really do feel that everybody simply must read it. at once !!

the second book is will Grayson , will Grayson , by John green

This is the story of two will graysons who run in completely different circles and accidentally meet one night , which leads to their lives going in new and unexpected directions.
This book is fun. It’s a whole lot of fun.
It features a gay musical written by tiny , the wonderful gay character. It’s has gay romance – which I’ve not come across in a book before and straight romance It’s full of sadness and happiness and wonderful camp gayness. and i loved everything about it , it is just fab. And awesome. And I felt utterly bereft when it ended. I missed the book and the characters and all the awesomeness that was will Grayson will Grayson.

the fault in our stars
, also by John green

This book is about Hazel and Augustus. They meet at a group for cancer sufferers. They fall in love.
Augustus uses his ” wish ” to help hazel go to holland to track down the author of a book she loves , but Augustus is more ill than hazel knows.

This book is raw and honest and funny and sad , it’s moving , it’s emotional , it’s wonderful. It’s a beautiful book to have read. .

I really really do wish everyone would read these books they will add something to your soul and your life.

you may have noticed I’m a big fan of John green. I must also say I think you’d be missing something wonderful if you don’t read paper towns ….and looking for Alaska.

trust me , you need to read these books.

Wreck this journal



My girls are going away , first they are going camping for a week then on the same day they come home they are off to Wales for 3 weeks with their dad.
I wanted to give them a little surprise going away present and * whispers* they get a bit bored at their dads so when they both happened to mention this book last week I thought I’d have a look.

The book is basically a project in creativity , each page has a random instruction on it for you to carry out




There are lots more …. It tells you to drip coffee on it , take it onto the shower , draw with borrowed pens , rub the book on a dirty car , stick your pocket lint in , collect the letter w and stick it in ….. You get my drift …. Random !

This is my favourite one

I think it would be fun to stick in a photo of yourself doing this.

I think the girls will love this. It will give them a little something to do every day. And it definitely gives you scope to get quite creative.

I’m not creative at all, although I’d like to be , so I’m even going to get myself one of these and over the summer try to kick start my creativity.

When you have finished the book you seal it up and post it to yourself.

Then you can sit down with a cup of tea and a biscuit and marvel at the wonderful creativity you have unleashed in yourself. ( probably )


When me and the girls have finished ours I’ll make a post showing some of our wonderful creations.

*I’ve written about this book purely because I think it’s a rather brilliant idea. I paid for them myself and all views are my own

Read it love it blog it ( updated)


Reading is one of my most favourite things to do.
And now that the kids have broken up for the summer I have more time to get my nose stuck in a book
No 5:30 a.m alarm clock means I can stay up a little longer , reading in bed with a mug of Horlicks * whispers* possibly some chocolate too.
And taking the kids to the playground across the road or one of our local parks means I can sit and enjoy some reading while they play.
I have a list of books I want to read first , they are :
Undone by Cat Clarke
Heart shaped bruise by Tanya Byrne
My sister lives on the mantelpiece by Annabel Pitcher
Ketchup clouds by Annabel Pitcher
Girls of nightmares by Kendare Blake

While I’m at it I’ll tell you one of my all time favourite books , possibly my very favourite …. Will Grayson Will Grayson by John green
Looking for Alaska and The fault in our stars , also by John Green are also on my list of books that I believe ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY should read.

I’m hoping to get through a book a week.

I have ( after much blood sweat and tears) sorted out a linky , please link up with what you are reading , your favourite book , your book list ….
Lets share the book love !

So tonight I’m starting undone , come , tell me what you’re reading.


I think * fingers crossed * that I’ve cracked it. Below here there should be a linky thingy !

Is it there ……
Go on click on it .. Take a look

Book review : Room



My mum passed this book on to me after she had read it , I didn’t actually think it looked much good but at a loss for anything else to read this weekend I gave it a try.
I was completely captivated by the first couple of pages. Almost immediately I knew I had to know what happened. I wanted Jack and Ma to be okay, to be safe .
The book is written in the voice of Jack.
Jack is five years old and has lived his whole life in one room with his Ma. He’s never seen outside , he watches tv but believes everything he sees on there is only TV not real.
Until one day Ma tells him that she used to live outside of room, before she was kidnapped by old nick.
The author gets Jacks voice just right. It’s young and innocent but not babyish. It takes nothing away from the story that it is narrated in the voice of a five year old. In fact it makes the story all the more moving.
Ma and jack make a plan to escape but it means that jack had to be very brave and go to outside on his own. Is jack brave enough ? Will Nick find out their plan ?
I thoroughly enjoyed this book , I almost read it in one sitting.
It’s a book about love between mother and child and how strong that love is even in the most difficult of circumstances . How love makes you strong.
Definitely a book I would recommend .

I love books …. Books I love.


I love books. I love to read. There’s absolutely nothing I like to do more when I have *spare time
* housework I should be doing
I know I’ve said it before but I needed to start this post somehow so I’m saying it again. I love books.

Recently I’ve moved away from the paranormal books I’ve been reading for a long time and I’ve been reading books with mental health as the subject matter. ( fiction) it doesn’t sound like much fun , but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these books ..
I read winter girls which I have written a post about already but in case you didn’t see it , this book is about Lia , a girl struggling with anorexia. Her best friend cassie was found dead in a motel room , she called Lia 33 times before she died. Lia didn’t answer. Now she is struggling with the guilt as well as a troubled family life. I thought this book gave a good insight into anorexia , without glamourising it. It was very well written , I really cared about Lia ! I have no experience of anorexia and I felt that this book shone some light on what it’s like to live with anorexia. It’s also made me want to seek out similar books .
The curious incident of the dog in the night time
I think everybody has heard of this book. And i think it’s earned it’s reputation.
It’s the story of Christopher , a 15 year old boy with aspergers and what happens when he finds his neighbours dog dead. He starts to investigate the murder, and uncovers some shocking secrets. This is one of the best books I’ve read. It gives a really good understanding of autism and what it’s like for the person with autism, this book is well worth reading if you know someone with aspergers , want to know more about aspergers or even if you just like to read a very good book.
It’s kind of a funny story is about Craig. A teenager with depression. The events leading up to him checking himself into a psychiatric ward. This book was moving , funny and as the author did actually spend 5 days in a psychiatric ward as a teenager I think it gives an honest insight into depression , how it feels , what it’s like to live with it , as I have a teenager that suffers from depression I found it to be a really useful read.
my brother Simple the story of Simple , a 22 year old with learning difficulties and his 17 year old brother Kleber. Knowing how unhappy Simple was in the institution where their dad sent him to after he remarried Kleber takes it upon himself to look after Simple. They go to Paris where Kleber will go to college. They move into a flat share with four students. The people and relationships around them change when Kleber and Simple become part of their lives. This book is , I felt about the way we make assumptions of other people. It’s a heartwarming , moving read. It’s a short book but very enjoyable and thought provoking.
The woman who went to bed for a year this is the story of Eva. When her 17 year old twins leave for university Eva goes to bed , and stays there for a year.
Her whole world and the people in it change all around her. Eva doesn’t know why she’s gone to bed but once she’s there she doesn’t know how to get up again. To begin with people have to start looking after her , her husband , mum and mother in law and she becomes a bit of a celebrity as the woman who doesn’t get out of bed but after a year she is living with her bedroom door boarded up , just leaving a space for food to be pushed through.
I’m not sure if this book is supposed to get you thinking about depression but it does. Eva is clearly depressed.She’s unhappy with her life. She takes to her bed for the safety and security of it. As they cope with Eva being in bed the lives of everyone around Eva change. I think This book makes you think about not judging people too quickly on who you THINK they are. And how a little kindness can have a big effect on people.
This book was not one that I would usually pick up in a book shop , it was because it was on offer that i bought it but I really enjoyed it.

I would recommend all of these books , not just to someone who enjoys books with mental health as the subject matter but to anyone who enjoys thought provoking , insightful heart warming books.

Wintergirls … Book review.


I’m usually found with my nose stuck in a paranormal book but lately I’ve been drawn to books more about life, issues , mental health. (Fiction) , deeper stuff than my usual read.
I’ve just read Wintergirls By Laurie Halse Anderson…. Lia is anorexic , she struggles with her relationships with both of her divorced parents and her ex best friend Cassie has just been found dead , alone in a motel room !
She called Lia 33 times the night she died. Lia didn’t answer . Lia is haunted by Cassie as she struggles with anorexia , her family and the death of her friend.
The subject of this book is anorexia, it At times it was hard to read,
It didn’t glamourise anorexia at all , I found the story very moving and I really cared about Lia.
Although this is a young adult book I found it to be a really good read. It is fiction but I felt like it gave a vivid glimpse into a condition that I had very little knowledge or understanding of.