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My positive week :day 1


Ive decided to continue blogging ” my positive week” this week because I found it really useful to sit down and think about the positives at the end of the day. Im making one change though im not setting the task of finding 3 positives, the truth is some days that’s a stretch ,I will take them as they come.

These are todays positives: I survived my blood test. That might not sound like a biggie, but I have a real phobia of blood and needles. Every time I have a blood test ( which is very often) im terrified. twitter helped me this morning and although I did cry and have to be laid down for a bit because I got a bit wobbly I did it. The blood test staff are used to me and Are always very understanding.

The builder came and work has begun to fix my leaky loo, my bathroom has been painted and when that’s done tomorrow the damaged living room wall is prepared ready for papering.

The 12 year old was awarded 16 vivo points ( they have a points reward system at her school) ten of which were for academic excellence. The points are not easy to come by as the teachers have a limit for how many they can give out.

my phone case for my new phone came ( actually a set of two with lovely owl designs) so my new phone looks all pretty.

Also as its Monday Criminal minds is on tv , one of my favourite shows. And always a perfect way to end a Monday.

Not a bad day at all , the kids have been good , theyve been busy doing homework tonight and I haven’t been sick !

How was your day ? 

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Diagnosis :poorly


I wasn’t sure i was going to blog about this because mostly I don’t want to bore the life out of anyone but its weighing heavy on my mind. Ive been poorly ….

I have psoriatic arthritis and Ibs ,Ive got used to that ,it was a relief to finally be diagnosed just over a year ago ,I thought that with a diagnosis and medication id feel better .

I haven’t felt better though ,for the last 5 months Ive had alot of arthritic pain and a constant bad tummy , since Christmas Ive been struggling to eat anything without vomitting. Its not just vomitting though within half an hour of eating I get shocking tummy spasms ,whole body pain, migraine, fever, the vomiting just adds to the whole bunch of fun.

I have to have regular blood tests anyway because of the medication i take so this month my gp requested a full blood screening to get to the bottom of things. Before Christmas one of these blood tests flagged up that I have microcytosis .my gp said it wasn’t a big concern but this time my results show that I have microcytic anemia ,apparently my blood levels are seriously low. I have to have further blood tests tomorrow so they can do iron studies on my blood. And my gp said its likely I will need serious treatment ( I googled what this serious treatment may be – a blood transfusion ) my vitamin d was low , my cholesterol is high and together with all my symptoms my gp thinks everything indicates something more serious going on. I am booked in for some physical examinations on Friday ( of the very uncomfortable kind ) my gp said she’s not prepared to leave things for any longer than a week.

I wont lie ..I’m scared. Scared of the examinations ,scared of the results. My gp looked worried. I’m frustrated,I want to feel well,I want to eat food without being unwell. Im tired , so tired that I genuinely wonder how im still standing, but most of all I’m scared .

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My positive week :day 6


Today had been one of them days when nothing much of anything has happened. I mooched around in my pyjamas until 3:30 just because i

could ,as Ollie was having a day where he wanted quiet time ,and although id like the first of my 3 positive things to be that Im still feeling well Ive had awful nausea today ….I wasn’t sure I could conjure up any positives today but the whole point of this is to find some every day so here goes ….

•the twelve year old brought her spring tracking report home today and she’s doing well , she’s steadily moving up sub levels in everything and doing especially well in English ,maths and science. Im very lucky that all of my kids have a great natural ability in science and maths (Im completely the opposite)

•I started a new book today. Book 10 of the Vampire diaries. I love the tv show and although they are actually very different to the tv show  I have loved all of the books. Although I like most any kind of book my favourite of all are the vampire/supernatural ones. I got to a point around a year ago where I was reading them almost faster than they were being written and Id read so many that I needed a break from them ,so Ive been reading other genres but today I picked up book 10 of the Vampire diaries and found myself really enjoying it. Im ready to enjoy them again.

•and last but not least Im bringing out my ‘most often used’ positive ..everybody is fed and nobody is dead ,because even if you cant think of another one if you have that one you have enough.

how has your day been ?

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Word of the week


Today I’m linking up with the word of the week linky run by TheReadingResidence , I’ve been reading some of the posts that have been linked up for a while so i thought I’d join in ,

My word of the week is : positive
Because in an effort to become a less negative person I’ve been blogging about 3 positive things about the day ,every day this week and its made me realise that sometimes even if you have to look a little for them you can always find some positives .

The Reading Residence

What’s your word of the week ?

Thanks for reading , G x

The one where i ‘don’t know what I’m doing ‘


“we need to pop to B and Q on sunday , just in and out to pick up a roll of wallpaper”
I thought I approached the matter well, I was very clear about what we would be doing and B and Q is just a little bus ride away so wouldn’t take long and Ollie probably wouldn’t mind ,I thought wrong ,of course !

His first argument was weak “er mum you know I don’t like going shopping ”
I countered this well ” Its not really shopping its just popping in to buy something Ive already chosen ”

He was just warming up “mum,is it a great big place , where there are lots of people and its full of all different stuff right up to the ceiling ? And do we need to go on a bus with people to get there ?”
“Well , yes it is ” I told him
“So you are going to make me go somewhere that is all the things I hate ?”
“Well , the thing is that when you have autism sometimes you have to do things you hate and find hard ,so its good to practice a bit to get used the feelings and try to cope with them”

By now he was firing on all cylinders ” the only reason I need to get used to busy shops is if you are planning to make me go and live in debenhams ”

Debenhams ? He’s never even been in debenhams !

“Look ” I said I’m just doing my best to help you get used to things ”
He huffed , puffed and then replied ” sometimes when a person has autism , the person with autisms mother doesn’t know what she’s doing ”

I *might* have muttered something about someone being a smart arse .

I think i will just pop to B and Q on my own .

My positive week :day 5


Im not sure if Ive got 3 things but one of them is a big one so maybe that can count for 2.

•Ive been well today (not vomitting) for the second day in a row ,Ive eaten a bit and kept two complan drinks down.

• my landlord sent his builder round. There are quite a few jobs that have needed doing for a while.The builder will be here Monday and Tuesday to fix my leaking toilet ,paint my bathroom, repaper my living room wall which got damaged when my bath leaked and fix my porch door which hasn’t shut properly for 7 years .Im also going to try my luck and ask for a new kitchen floor.

•um …its Friday tomorrow. Everyone loves Friday.

How was your day ? Has it been a positive one ?

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Show us your blog:linky


hello , welcome to week 3 of my show us your blog linky. The link is at the top today ,no i have no idea why either , but its tricky blogging on my new phone.

If you’ve linked up in previous weeks ,thankyou .

If you haven’t i’ll give you a quick run through of the rules : there aren’t any ! Im not the boss of blogging. ( im not saying i wouldn’t like to be … )

All blogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome to link up , old ,new,big ,small. Its allowed about sharing some blog love so I do think its nice if you read ,comment on one or two of the other blogs in the linky.

that’s all you need to know. Thanks for reading ,I hope you will link up x

My positive week : day 4


Im very late with this post today
life kind of got in the way of it.

but here are my three positive things

•because of strike day i went back to bed until 9:29,excellent start to the day.

•I managed to eat more today than Ive managed in a couple of weeks ,Ive eaten four slices of fruit bread ,a beanburger with savoury rice ,4 crispbreads and two complan drinks. Also a carton of innocent smoothie. And it has stayed in, both ends. I have eaten ,digested food and not been ill. Probably becauseI remembered the right meds at the right time. Im patiently awaiting my medal!

•16 year old got 97% in a plumbing exam .

I also finished a book today , Chicago fire was on tv which i love > and the 12 year old bought me a caramac .

Thats not a bad list 😄

How was your day , was it a positive one ?

Behind the blog : starring Elizabeth Roles .


Im a big believer in bloggers supporting bloggers ,there’s room for us all in the world of blogging.

I’m running a series of posts (weekly ,twice weekly? Im not sure yet) called behind the blog. Which as the name suggests is about the people behind the blogs .Ive been asking bloggers questions via email and I hope the posts will give a good insight into other bloggers,why they blog and what they get out of it .For the first post in the series I have spoken to Lizzie Roles her blog is

This is what Lizzie had to say

When did you start blogging?

August 2013

why did you start blogging?

I’d started reading some American ‘mummy blogger’ blogs & thought there was a gap in the market in the UK, then I started blogging & realised it’s actually saturated & I’m (really) late to the party.

What do you blog about?

Positivity mostly! I hate negativity & think it has the capacity to bring everyone around you down. So with my blog I try to show how even when my life sucks, my attitude about it means it doesn’t stay that way for long.

 When and where do you blog?

I blog on my phone mostly, but sometimes I hop on the PC in the office to add any media. I manage once a week but would love it to be more.

 Are you are planner or do you write when the mood takes you?

I’d like to think I’m organised but realistically I struggle to blog as regularly as I’d like with the kids around & by evening I’m shattered!

Tell us three fun facts about you !

I’m better at being thrown in the deep end, for example I hate taking my kids down town but would think nothing of throwing myself out of a plane at 12,000 feet.

I travelled to Australia & back packed on my own & loved it!

I like reading Hello! magazine.

 Do you have any blogging goals?

To encourage others as much as possible & to re-design & change my blog to my own website:

 What are your biggest bugbears when reading other blogs?

Spelling mostly, but also sentences that don’t flow well & blogs that make it hard for you to comment.

 What hobbies do you have apart from blogging? Adventures!

 Can you give us a link to your most recent post and your favourite post please?

My most recent post will be the first thing you see when you go to My favourite post is probably my review of a B&B I went to. Here’s the link to my fave post so far, it tough to choose a favourite though!

Many thanks to Lizzie for taking the time to answer my questions!

Now go check out her blog 🙂

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My positive week:day 3 😊


so Im blogging 3 positive things from each day this week in an effort to become less negative. Its harder than I thought ,especially as im poorly again today.
But here goes …

•I have a lovely brand new shiny phone ,I had had my iphone for 2 years and it had got to the point where the battery could only last an hour if not plugged in. I do love a new phone .

•Ive had lots of lovely comments. On my blog today about a post I wrote last night .

•Im afraid for my third one I have to repeat one from yesterday ,everybody is fed ,nobody is dead. I guess I can chalk that up as a parenting win.

Also as its Tuesday vampire diaries is on tv .That makes everything a little better.

How was your day ? Have you had a positive Tuesday?



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