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Read it , Unwind trilogy ( book review)


I’ve been going on about these books for a while now on twitter but I enjoyed them more than I’ve enjoyed any book for a while.
And I read a lot of books.

Set in the near distant future in a time where unruly teenagers are dealt with in a whole new way.
Their parents sign them over to be unwound. A process whereby their bodies are divided and distributed to people who need new organs , limbs , even brains , every part of the body is used.
It’s not just unruly teenagers , tithes are children whose parents have already decided to sacrifice their child as a religious act before they are even born. When then turn 13 they are signed over.
The book centres around a group of teenagers trying to escape the unwinding process, as well as the illegal parts pirates.
The main characters Connor , Risa and Lev and starkey each have their own path in the book , at times coming together !
The book is sometimes a little graphic and at times a bit grim.
The scene in which the unwinding process is described from the point of view of the teenager ( they are awake through the whole process) isn’t pleasant reading. But it is a necessary part of the story.
There is also a character introduced in the second book built entirely from parts of other teenagers. Which raises the question of does he have a soul ?

I was gripped by these books and I’m so pleased that there is going to be a 4th !
The books are fast paced. Full of action. And the story switches from one characters story to another.which keeps it interesting.
I found the story really thought provoking.

If you like an action packed fast moving read I highly recommend this series.


2014 is going to be ok …


I’m not usually big on new year.
I tend to see it as just a date on the calendar , nothing magical happens.
Things don’t change just because it’s the start of a new year.
But right now I need a turning point.
And new year seems like a good time to make some changes.

2013 was the year from hell. it’s in joint first place as my worst year ever.
It’s been a year of stress and anxiety.
One problem after another.
More often a good few problems at once.
I’ve dealt with it all alone.
And it’s left me tired and a little broken.

Just before Christmas the family recovery team started working with us and for the first time I feel like somebody has got my back.
I feel like things will be ok.
Because there is a whole team of people on my side.

But I need to make some changes … To the way I think .I have a tendency to take a problem , picture the worst possible outcome , magnify it and hold onto it.
I do it every time. Causing myself a lot of unnecessary stress and sleepless nights.
I need to stop !
I guess it’s a good thing to understand all the possible outcomes of a situation but to fixate on the worst case scenario helps nobody.
I need to introduce a little positivity into my thinking.

I also have a knack for taking little problems and lumping them all together till they seem like a huge problem that I just can’t overcome.
It’s a lot easier to deal with each problem on its own , separately , a small problem is much more doable than a bunch of problems.
I know this.
I just need to remember it.

I need to learn to say no.
No! To the kids .
No! To those people that suck the soul out of me .
No! To those who ask for money , believe it or not even though I’m a single mum with 7 kids there are those that expect me to bail them out time after time.
I need to say no a lot more often.
Then I will have the time and energy to say yes to good things.

All I want from this year is for things to start getting better. And to start putting the broken pieces back together.

This year things are going to be okay !

I wish you a happy healthy new year x

The one where we had a nice day.


I always find the week between Christmas and new year a bit weird.
It’s a bit of a lost week.
Christmas is over , all that remains is the tiredness from all the preparation and the cheese that you just can’t stop eating , or is that just me ?
The days are normal days but they aren’t really.
Waiting for something.
Waiting for the new year.
which I always find a bit of a let down
Two of my girls are away for the week so the house feels quiet and lonely Ollie has been having a lot of ” alone time ” up in my room , after his birthday and Christmas he needs it , but the teens are almost nocturnal over the holidays , I miss the noise of having the girls around.

We needed to get out a bit today , we needed a nice day.
So after a little persuasion Ollie agreed to going to the cinema , Turbo was showing as a £1.50 movie.
Ollie did grumble all the way there that I was forcing him to go out with a terrible bad cold ( he had no cold) and that I’m a mean mum
But I knew he would enjoy it once we got there.
We bought drinks in pound land to smuggle in , of course , and Ollie asked if he could have cinema popcorn as it was his birthday last week.
I’m not sure that ” it was my birthday …..” Is fair grounds for cinema popcorn prices but it had been an effort for him to come out and obviously he had to share with me because it was my birthday on Wednesday.
Although the movie turned out to be very popular for a cold wet Monday morning Ollie coped really well.
I could tell he was really engaged in it because he didn’t ask to go home like he usually does , all the way through.
The movie was excellent.
It’s about a snail who dreams of being fast. And when a freak occurrence means his dream comes true he ends up racing in the indie 500 race against his hero racing car driver.
It’s exciting , full of action , touching and very funny.

After the movie we went to McDonald’s for the obligatory after movie happy meal and popped into Tiger just because I love that shop and unusually it wasn’t busy.

I love the things you can pick up in there , they always have lovely quirky stuff and so cheap.

I bought Ollie a paper airplane set and a box of building cards.


I love the photo of Ollie with the building cards.

We had pie for dinner because pie is perfect on a cold wet Monday and some veg with it as I’ve challenged myself to eat veg every day.
As a vegetarian I really should actually eat some vegetables.

Then after playing with the planes and building cards Ollie went off for some alone time and I settled down to read one of my new books.


It was such a wonderfully good book that I couldn’t put it down till I was finished. I just loved it. Every page of it.
( I will write a review of it soon )

It was lovely to get us out today , I’m glad I forced Ollie and in the end he was glad too.
I’m feeling much less glum after a rather ordinary but lovely day.

New year … New ( but same old ) blog.


So I’ve not blogged for a while …. Ive even thought about not blogging , no particular reason , I just sometimes wonder if there is a point.
But there is a point …
I like to write !
It’s my thing and I like to have a thing
I’m not writing any great works here , but I’m writing , Im thinking and using words and …. I like it.

My blog is almost a year old.
When I started I didn’t really know what to blog about.
But my blog became mostly a blog about Ollie , and autism and CAMHS , it then also became the place I vented my frustrations about school ,if you’ve been reading that long ( first of all thank you) you will have read the whole process from The time I first thought there was something not right to me deregistering Ollie from school.

The thing is I never intended my blog to be about that , and while Ollie , autism , CAMHS , homeschooling etc are things I will always write about because I think it’s important to write about these things , to ( possibly) help others and to make people aware and accepting , I would like to fit some other things into my blog.

I’m not just Ollies mum , I have 7 kids ranging from a 9 year old to a tween , to teens all the way up to an actual adult ( I know right , I don’t possibly look old enough ) … I’d like to write some more family orientated stuff , I’m not even sure what yet , just that as much as I love Ollie I’m not just his mum

I’ve written a few book reviews , books are my favourite things aside from the kids , I love books , I love to read.
I want to do more book reviews , more book related posts , even maybe some reviews of books Ollie reads , perhaps me and Ollie will even collaborate on some book reviews.

I also love movies. Whether at the cinema , on DVD or just on the TV I love to snuggle up with a kid or two and watch a good movie. We used to have movie nights , I’m going to start that again because it’s a really good way of getting us all in the room together ( also a good excuse for fizzy pop and snacks ) so I may blog a little about what we watch.

Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time is cook and bake more.
I can cook I just lack inspiration , and I have the worlds fussiest family but I’m going to try involving them in a bit of baking , while I try to find inspiration for some new family meals.
I’d like to include perhaps a little of what we make.
And also stick to making regular meal planning posts. mostly because if I’ve blogged that I’m making something I’m more inclined to do it.

I also want to do a bit of decorating , get the half painted rooms finished , spruce the house up a little maybe even make ( or buy) some bunting and other such lovely stuff , I’m also going to be swapping rooms with the teen ( so my new room will need decorating ) this will be done on a very tight budget , and I’m no interior designer but if you would like a nosey at what I do with an almost non existent budget I might blog a bit about house- sprucing- up

is this too much change ?
I hope not.
There’s just a little bit more ….

One last thing I’d like to include is the stuff me and Ollie do while he is home with me unschooling
I’ve decided to keep the unschooling posts to this blog mostly because multiple blogs are just a bit much to look after.

I won’t be changing how I write , it’s who I am and how I do this.

I hope you will stick around for 2014
, it’s still the same blog just with a bit more
If something doesn’t work I’ll just bin the idea and move on. So do let me know !

I don’t really do resolutions but one I am making this year is
To stop letting people drain the soul out of me.
let’s see how that goes.

THANKYOU for reading , and happy new year !

So you grew up …..


It’s the Eve of your 9th birthday , you went and grew up , right before my eyes.
It’s gone so fast Ollie !

You started school , well nursery first and gosh you turned out to be so clever. You learn so quickly , and your memory ! You’ve never forgotten a thing in your life. You’re like a sponge just remembering everything you see , hear and learn.
You never found school easy.
You were always on the edge , not really mixing.
You chose your special friends and you stuck with them.
But even so the kids and the teachers all liked you.
That’s no surprise , you’re a lovely kind boy.
You had the same teacher through key stage one , she knew you and you knew her , and so we really didn’t know there was anything wrong. Until you moved up to the juniors.
You found it hard. The change , moving into the big part of the school , new teachers. It all went a bit wrong.
You became so quiet. You just didn’t like school anymore , didn’t want to go. I had to leave you in the playground everyday crying. And then your tics started.
We thought it was a bit funny at first when you started saying bash me ankles , or bash me head all the time , randomly , then you said them more and more. You started shouting out words and noises.
You couldn’t help it. But school didn’t understand. People didn’t understand. Not for a long time.
School was so hard for you Ollie , you were sad and angry and you were getting in trouble. You cried every morning before we even left for school.
My heart broke for you every day Ollie .
I knew there was something ” wrong” (I dont like that word because it’s not really wrong , just different )
I fought for you , every day , I really did. I hope you know that. I tried to make everyone see , to understand.
You were still Ollie , still the same lovely boy you always were you just needed some help.
Even when you were so angry with the world and you just wanted to be left alone I knew , and I was never cross with you. I just loved you more.
When you snuggled up in my bed every night with me and blanky and you cried because it was all so hard I loved you more.
It took a long time , but we got you diagnosed. I had to fight so hard to get that for you.
They told us you had autism , and tourrettes.
But you’re still you !
You are a funny , quirky , stubborn , loving boy.
You’re hard work sometimes dude.
But that’s ok. That’s what I’m here for.
I’m here to help you find your way in the world and to make sure you can always be who you are.
School didn’t get any easier. You were so unhappy.
So just a month ago I took you out of school.
I couldn’t let you be unhappy.
You’re already so much happier. You’re so much more relaxed , you’re
Playing again , and laughing and being a cheeky monkey , you’re you !
You don’t cry every day , you don’t need to be on your own for hours every day.
I’m so glad that you and me decided that home was the best place for you to be.
On your last day of school I was so proud of you , the kids in your class , your friends , your teachers , they all cried because you were leaving because they all cared so much for you.
That’s because you’re wonderful. Don’t ever forget that !

We’ve been having a bit of down time , together at home. You’ve been sitting around in your pants , we’ve been getting up late , especially since we got our new big comfy duvet. We’ve got some work to do, you’re getting too big to be in my bed with me , and you keep stealing my corner of the duvet. and it’s not easy when you think there’s always a hair on your food so you sometimes won’t eat , and we need to work on getting you out more , there’s a whole world out there and I want to help to make it all a bit less scary for you.
But we will get there , we have time.
For now we’ve been relaxing , together and it’s been lovely.
I’ve loved this time with you.

I’m proud of you Ollie.
The world is not always an easy place for you , but you are growing up ( too fast) to be a brilliant young man.
I’m so looking forward to watching you grow up even more and helping you to learn and learning with you.
You’re looking forward to your birthday so much , you’re so excited about your present, you have cried yourself to sleep for 3 nights because the excitement has been all a bit too much , I hope you love it.

You’re going to be 9 !
I was very lucky 9 years ago that I got to be your mummy.
Dont ever stop being you Ollie , because I love you so very much just the way you are.

Reflecting …. And goodbye for now.


2013 …. I started the year newly turned 38 , the year is one that will be remembered for being shit. The year in general and 38.

This is a quick run through of the highlights , mostly lowlights of the year.

Jan : finally diagnosed with PSA , given painful steroid injection in bum.
Still crippled and in agony after injection so moved onto methotrexate , a low dose chemo drug , an immunosuppressant that will make me anemic and makes me very very sick for two days a week.
The best * sarcastic face* thing about this medication is the two weekly blood tests. Great , because I have a crippling fear of blood and needles.
Every time I have a blood test need to lie down , have a glass of water and a big cry. Yes I’m * that* person
The man says he’s amazed that I never get any braver.
So aside from the side affects I find I can walk again and use my arms and fingers. The pain and swelling and the almighty stiffness is still there but I can walk.

Then after 3 years of let’s say * my food rushing through me in mere minutes * and mostly surviving on diet coke a series of 10 blood tests reveals I have IBS.

They also picked up on the fact that I have microcytosis which needed 3 more blood tests to confirm. And I’m still not even sure what it Is.
So that’s all been fun.

In the meantime the 16 year old was being a bit of a knob. He achieved a school record for lowest attendance 😡

And it was an ongoing struggle to get help and support for my then 17 year old from CAMHS. which led to an official complaint against them.
At the same time things were going terribly wrong for Ollie at school and at home. So to add to my nine year fight with CAMHS I had to now fight for ollie too.

By Easter things were bad at school. Ollie had a few one day exclusions. He was restrained on a daily basis.
We had * hoody gate * which I don’t think I will ever get over. And his hours got shorter and shorter.

By September school just wasn’t working atall. I was attending endless meetings that were frustrating and at times soul destroying.

Both boys were finally diagnosed with ASD , tourrettes and more ,

my heart broke for my boy a million times this year.

The stress of all these goings on lead to increasingly regular IBS and PSA flare ups which exhaust me.

And by November I had deregistered Ollie from school.

It’s been a year of almost no sleep , side effects , doctors appointments and sickness. As well as psychiatrists , educational psychologists and support workers that come and go.

Oh and to top that off nicely my depression and anxiety returned with a bang.
So more medication for me.

We had mice this year , which I was genuinely terrified of. I couldn’t be in the kitchen alone for 4 weeks. Thankfully they led to me buying a kitten.

And now Christmas , I’m not ready , I have no clue when I can wrap presents , not even for Oliver’s birthday. It’s all a bit of a nightmare.

There have been good bits. Our holiday , which if you read the blog you will know it actually all went a bit wrong. Towards the end anyway.

We had a fun summer of days out.

I feel I’ve made some real twitter friends. They know who they are or I hope they do because I’m crap at remembering twitter names.

I started blogging which I’ve found I enjoy , I like to write and it’s been quite well received. I’m proud of my blog.

I also went a bit daring and wrote two stories , which amazingly people liked.

I found massive support from my blog, my readers have been there through all of this supporting me.

So yes there were good bits but overall 2013 and being 38 was PANTS

Things look to be improving for next year the FRT ( family recovery team) are heavily involved and change seems to be coming.
I’ve realised I can be strong and tough and stand my ground , I just need to remember that more often.

So I’m very pleased to say goodbye to this year. And I think I’m putting down the blog now and till after Christmas.

I may just post a few from the archives that I’ve loved writing.
But for now I’m tired , have too much to do and need some time to reflect.

So I’d to thank each and every single one of you that has read my blog this year and commented and retweeted and supported me.

And I would like to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

It’s goodbye …. For now
But I will be back.

ps after a lot of thought I can’t / won’t change anything about my writing style because … Well my blog is me and if I changed it wouldn’t be me xxx

And so you’re almost nine : my boy lollipop.


Almost 9 years ago , on the 22nd , you came into the world. I was at a bus stop heading into town to do some very last minute Christmas shopping. But as I sat on the floor outside of the library doubled over in pain phoning your aunty telling her ” I can’t go shopping the baby is coming NOW ” I realised you had your own plans.
And the world has been a more wonderful place every day since.
You were a funny little thing when you were born. Your skin was a little baggy , you hadn’t grown into it yet and it was flaky , so flaky. When I took your little socks off there would be a flurry of little white skin flakes.
The first time Zoë saw you ( she was only 3) she screamed and ran away. You were just too baggy and flaky for her. You soon filled your skin and we smothered you with oil till you were pink and rosey and soft as … Well as soft as a baby’s bottom.
It wasn’t too long before Zoë just wanted to hold you and play with you all the time.
You were … Are … My last baby , my last child , you where my silver lining. My big-brown eyed boy.
And I love you , we love you Ollie , my boy lollipop.
You weren’t an easy baby. You exercised your lungs often and loudly.
Your milk made your poorly , you needed special milk and you could only drink tiny tiny bits at a time. The only thing that could soothe you was blanky , blanky that you held so tightly as a baby , rubbing label between your finger and thumb , you still do this now. Although you’ve worn out a few labels. Blanky has a big piece missing because even when you were just one year old , that night you had a tummy bug and an explosive nappy I knew that separating you from blanky long enough to wash it would be all kinds of hell. So , I did what I had to. I cut the * affected * piece off.
You absolutely refused to wear socks , as soon as you were able you pulled them off , every pair. We left a sock trail everywhere we went. Shoes were the same. I can’t tell you how many old ladies tutted and told me your feet were cold.
You also wouldn’t have a rain cover over you. You would use all your mite to pull yourself forward and stick your little head out from the side. Cue old ladies telling me ” your baby is getting wet dear ”
From the moment you could walk you refused to go in the buggy. It became a daily wrestling match. You learnt to wriggle out from a 5 point harness and would launch yourself onto the pavement from your pram. The problem was once free you could never decide if you wanted to walk or be carried.
We had many many stand offs , you laying face down on the pavement screaming and kicking. Me wondering how soon you could start nursery.
You also threw yourself from the high chair at every meal. There weren’t nothing gonna hold you down. You were a rebel .. In a nappy. The times I turned my back and found you hanging from the high chair by an ankle.
Oh and talking of nappies , Ollie , from the age of 1 till almost the age of 3 we had an issue with nappies , didn’t we .
You liked to take your full nappy off and , let’s say ..decorate the walls … And yourself with its contents. EVERY DAY.
You liked to do it while you where in your cot * napping* the health visitor suggested putting you down for naps after you had ” filled ” your nappy and been changed. But Ollie you knew this and you waited and waited , you wouldn’t poo till you were so * sleepy* you just had to go to bed. I would put you in a vest a babygro and a cardigan ” he will never get out of that lot” but you did. every time the fun I had picking you up out of your cot in rubber gloves , showering you off and then scrubbing walls and washing sheets. every day. it’s ok though lolly , I loved you anyway.

You were completely train mad. Just like your 3 big brothers you were hooked on Thomas. You had every engine , you would line them up for hours and hours. And some of them had to go everywhere with us. If we went into town you took it to mean a new train , you would scream and howl and kick ” train , train I need train ” so going into town was always fun.
One thing you did like in town though was boots , the store. You see you developed a fascination with make up as a toddler. You loved toddling into boots and putting a bit of each tester on your face. eye stuff … Ooh I will just pop that on my cheeks …. Lip stick …..surely for drawing on my whole face. Powder …. A dash everywhere I think
You looked a sight when we had been to town. Especially as you have hated buses since you were a tiny baby and still do now. As a toddler you had a meltdown on every bus ride. ( which was tricky as back then we had to get buses to and from school ) imagine how you looked laying on the bus floor having a screaming paddy with a face full of makeup.
At granny’s house you always headed straight for her make up too.
We used to pop in for a tea before we did the school run. And immediately set about * doing your face * You looked ah-may-zing dah-ling.

At the time I must admit it didn’t always seem such great fun. But now I see you gave us so many memories of your monkeying around to look back on. You were strong willed , daring and you knew exactly how you liked things to happen. your way !

To be continued. …..

Bah humbug !


I love Christmas. I really really do.
I love everything about it.
What’s not to love? Ollies birthday is on the 22nd and I’m a Christmas Day baby.
I love the tree , decorations , lights , I love mince pies , Christmas pudding , Christmas dinner.
I love Christmas songs and carols.
I’m usually driving the kids mad playing Christmas CDs by now. I even love mistletoe by the Bieber. calm down I’m not a belieber I just like that song .
I love choosing wrapping paper , I always get red , white and black so I love looking around for nice ones.
The last few years I’ve been getting personalised cards from moonpig , because it’s fun choosing the design.
I love all the lists , to do lists , to buy lists , I love having a notebook full of important things to do.
I even love the shopping , ordering online after hours of browsing and the busy buzz in the shops.
I love buying my bottle of baileys , knowing I won’t open it till Christmas Eve but knowing it’s there waiting for me.
You get my point , yes ?
I love it. All of it.
But this year nothing.
I have no Christmas spirit , none at all.
I’ve put the tree up but Milo is spending every waking moment destroying it so I’m getting a little fed up with it.
I haven’t indulged in any mince pies.
My Christmas cd has only been played once.
I’ve only bought presents for one and a half of the kids. I have got as far as ordering the Christmas Eve pjs though.
I haven’t even written my birthday list.
fair enough I buy my presents and wrap them myself but it’s usually exciting to know that soon they will by mine. I just have to wait a little bit longer
I’ve not bought wrapping paper yet and I’ve not bothered with cards at all.
I’ve gone as far as reserving my delivery slot for the Christmas food but I’ve so far only ordered enough to save my slot.
I’ve not given a thought to my bottle of baileys.
All a bit disappointing really.
I don’t know where my Christmas is.
I know this year has been naff. The naffest of the naff really , and losing my £400 voucher didn’t help.
I’m getting it replaced but it’s meant some shopping is on hold.
It also doesn’t help that I can’t get Ollie to come out shopping. He just won’t do shops. Today I asked him if we could pop into marks just to get some seasoning for the Christmas dinner roast potatoes , I promised him a happy meal afterwards. He cried.
He cried at the thought of one item in one shop. * sigh*
But to be honest most years are a bit naff and I’m always skint , but that doesn’t usually zap my Christmas spirit away.
I want to be excited. I really really do.
I want to feel festive.
But it’s just not happening.
It needs to happen.
I need it to happen.

If you know the secret to jump starting my festive feelings tell me , for the love of God tell me.

If you have any spare Christmas spirit send it my way first class special delivery.

Or maybe wrap me in tinsel , sprinkle me with glitter and make me listen to Christmas songs till I crack.

Roll up roll up , show us your blog . Linky is back.


Do you blog ? Do you read blogs ?
My linky is very simple , there are no rules , just link up to show us your blog I do think it’s polite to maybe stop by and take a look at one or two other blogs that link up , but it’s not the law.

What’s the point of my linky ?
I’ve wondered this ….. But it’s actually a simple answer , it’s always nice if someone new stumbles upon your blog and takes a look , I’ve said it before and I will say it again because it’s still true , I write because I like to , I’m not interested in doing giveaways , reviews , sponsored posts etc but if I actually wanted to write purely for myself I’d write a word document , or a journal or email myself or go totally retro and use a pen and paper.
Of course it’s nice if someone new reads my blog.
I have nothing against blogs that do reviews etc in fact I read lots of them

So that’s why I do this linky.

Who knows , if you link up at the bottom of this post someone new might find your blog and you might find a new blog that you enjoy.

So whether your blog is old or new , whatever you blog about , reviews , competitions or not
show us your blog

Let’s show eachother some blog love 💗

Child untreated…


If my child broke their leg I would take my child to hospital , my child would be seen and treated.
The leg would be fixed.

If I didn’t get their leg fixed there would quite rightly be questions , why wasn’t I helping my child , if I sent them to school with a broken leg no doubt the school would report it to someone , because you know if there’s something wrong with your child you seek help , and get treatment.

If the doctor I saw didn’t fix my child’s leg I would go to another doctor , make a complaint and get the leg fixed.

If my child developed an illness I would go to the doctor.
The doctor would treat or refer my child on for treatment.
My child would be treated.

If I didn’t help my child , the school would surely ask questions , why aren’t you helping your child ?
Eventually I imagine someone would step in and I would have to get my child help.

Because if your Child has an illness you get them help. You get the illness treated.
That’s what you are supposed to do.
And that’s what happens.

It’s the way it works.
We have a national health service , if we or our children become ill or injured we go to the nhs for help.

If we don’t , people ask questions.
There would be outrage if a child was left Ill or injured without help from either the parent or the nhs.

This is all quite right.
This is how it should happen.

But if your child has a condition , ie autism , a mental health illness , one that isn’t visible one that may take some time to diagnose you take that child to the gp , you most likely get referred to CAMHS and then you wait …… You wait unreasonable lengths of time even for an initial appointment.
If you even get assessed as needing help from CAMHS you will go onto their system …… And then you will get stuck.
Stuck in a system that doesn’t move.
You will be made promises , promises that won’t happen.
It’s actually possible ( believe me I know ) to be in their system for almost a decade.
Without help.
It differs from area to area , I know that in some areas CAMHS are quite good but in my area , and I believe most , CAMHS are all the same.
They lack funding , staff and expertise .
Your child can go for years without treatment.
Even if you only wait one year for help that’s too long.

You can ask your gp , your school , any professional for help but all doors lead back to CAMHS.

Your child could be suffering from a condition with a huge detrimental effect on their life , they could be suffering mentally , their physical health may even be affected ….. But still you wait.

And the worst thing is that it seems to be almost accepted by other professionals that if you need help from CAMHS you will wait … And wait …. And perhaps recieve help but that help will probably be inadequate.

And that’s how it is.
For many many children.
Lost in a system that doesn’t work.
That doesn’t help.
It shouldn’t be like that.

Why should a ” hidden disability ” or mental illness be any different to a physical illness.

Why shouldn’t a child needing medical help for an illness or condition that requires help from CAMHS be any less important than a child needing help for a broken limb , a disease !