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My November blog project : day 3



This November day …… This morning when I woke O up for school he cried his heart out because he didn’t want to go , frankly I’m not prepared to drag him there crying and put him through any more stress so we snuggled up together in bed for a while , cuddled Maxi and Milo and then spent a lovely quiet day together.

It was the first day O has been able to have a real quiet day since half term started.

He wanted privacy which is his way of saying I want to be alone so he spent the afternoon in bed with the iPad relaxing ….. I took the opportunity to have a bit of quiet time myself.

A warm snuggly quiet pyjama day is sometimes just what the doctor ordered especially on a chilly November day.

For dinner I made cowboy pie
Which is simply chopped up sausages and beans which crushed up crisps and cheese on top.
Baked until the cheese has all melted .
I cooked onion rings to go with it ,
Aunt Bessie’s onion rings are the best.

Perfect chilly day food.

Every day I’m going to link to a blog I love as part of my my November blog project
Today I’ve chosen @SweetToothNim her blog is here
I’ve chosen her because I love her posts and she is joining in with my November blog project.
Pop over and take a look 😃 she’s blogged about cake , birthday parties and vaccinations.


My November blog project : day 2



This November day ……has been a day of nothing much happening , nothing exciting …. And yet it’s been a perfect day.

I slept until 10 and was woken with tea and biscuits


After breakfast me , my mum , ollie and maxi went for a lovely long walk along the Thames.

For lunch we had toasted sandwiches , comfort food at its best. cheese and beans for me


Me and Ollie spent the afternoon playing with his Lego chimera set , he loves his new set. It comes as a book , with Lego pieces so you can build the adventure as you play.



My mum cooked me my favourite dinner four cheese ravioli and potato croquettes from marks and spencer and for pudding she treated us to Christmas pudding !

I’ve spent the evening with my feet up , reading and of course watching the X factor.

So although it was a day of doing nothing much it was the perfect way to spend a grey November day.

Every day as part of my November blog project I’m going to post a link to a blog that I love because I believe in sharing the love for other blogs.
Today I’ve chosen Jennie’s blog because although I don’t know Jennie in person and I haven’t followed her on twitter for very long I truly admire her , she is brave and strong and a true inspiration.

Thanks for reading

My November blog project : day one



This November day …… Has turned out to be a perfect start to the month.
This weekend is my weekend to stay at my mums while my ex stays at mine with the kids.
So I’m on my way to my mums right now as I write this.
With just O and the dog.
I love my weekends at mums and it’s just what I need at the end of half term.
There will be tea and biscuits a plenty.
My favourite dinner and two big long lie ins.
I have two new books in my bag for me and a new book for O ( he doesn’t know , it’s a surprise) because what can be better on a November evening ( or a November weekend) than snuggling up with a good book.
There will be crusty rolls with cheese waiting for us when we get there perfect comfort food for a cosy November evening

Enjoy your weekend , I know I will enjoy mine ! 😄

I like to share the blog love so every day as part of ” my November blog project ” I will tell you about a blog or a blog post I’ve enjoyed.

Today it’s she writes about autism and food among other things.
Take a look and enjoy !

You can find out more about ” my November blog project here
I’d love you to join in.

My November blog project … Come on let’s enjoy November together !


it’s November
I love November almost as much as my favourite month , December.
November for me is all about cosy long evenings , bonfires , comfort food , cardigans , gloves and scarves , and woolly jumpers.
It’s acceptable to start talking about Christmas and it’s time to start planning and getting ready for the big day itself.
It’s time to start being a little more creative for things to occupy the kids as there are bound to be more indoor days.
I love the colours of the leaves , the frost in the mornings , the sound of the rain obviously when I’m indoors ! Mince pies are in the shops again , as are Christmas puddings which I love and which I feel are far to good to only eat on Christmas Day.

this month I’m going to try something new.

I’m launching my November blog project

It’s a blog every day type thing ( although you don’t have to blog every day and it’s all about November.

I would love people to join in , there are no set prompts as such
But this is what to include in your post each time
( you do to have to do it everyday I know it’s hard to always find time , just as often as possible)
aa photo ( without a description ) which says November ie: sums up something about November

a piece of writing titled either

Christmas is coming so ….
This November day …..

Mix them up , alternate them , tell us about what fun things you have done , maybe you’ve crafted fireworks or knitted a hat , splashed in muddy puddles , had a family duvet day with DVDs , a recipe to warm the soul on a cold day , tell us what you’ve been wearing ( Christmas jumpers , fab scarves we must buy ….) tell us how you’re getting ready for Christmas. You get the drift , yes ?

And because I believe in sharing blog love 💜 include a link to a blog or blog post you’ve enjoyed reading. Not necessarily a “my November blog project “post !

If you would like to join in that’s all you have to do , when you tweet the blog link use the #MNBP hashtag and if you want to tweet me the link I will make sure it gets retweeted.

what are you waiting for ? Let’s enjoy November together !!