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Blog every day in August : a summer memory


Day 18 : a summer memory

This time last year me and the kids were heading home from a lovely week in Weymouth. We stayed at the haven caravan park Littlesea.
I saved for two years to have this holiday , I had really wanted to take the kids to Littlesea because my mum and step dad used to have a caravan there. We had all our childhood holidays there , with my mum and stepdad and very often my nan and grandad from Norway. So it held ALOT of memories for me. My stepdad and nan and grandad have all passed away so it meant ALOT to me to show the kids the place that they all loved so much.
We had such a wonderful week , we swam everyday , we went to the shows in the ” night club ” every night and we had some lovely days on Weymouth beach.
We also went on a bus ride to Portland bill as we always went there whenever we were in Weymouth as children.
We went to the top of the lighthouse , I had done this so many times with my stepdad and nan and grandad. I even did it a couple of weeks before my first baby was born.
We ate breakfast and dinner together in the mash and barrel every day , croissants , and cooked breakfasts , and we have quite a few pappa johns pizzas.
I loved our week in Weymouth it was full of fun and memories. I’m hoping I can save up to go again.


Someone was a bit scared to go right to the top if the lighthouse. She did it though.


The girls in the sea.











Blog every day in August


Day 17 :
favourite photo.

Gosh I’m still really behind on this but I will have caught up by the end even it it means I have to blog twice a day in August.

It’s just to hard to choose a favourite photo , with so many kids I have so many photos that I love.
But this one is definitely one of my most favourites.


It’s my 3 girls , recently , i love it.
It’s very them

There’s Z on the left with the curlers in , she’s all Girly and probe to being a bit silly , there’s E on the right , she’s my sweet quiet one and there’s L in the middle , the eldest girl, and well , she’s just too cool for skool … Or something like that.

Here it is again just because I love it …


Blog every day in August : wish list


Day 16 :

Wish list

I’m totally behind with this , I’ve been busy and to be honest feeling a bit ” meh” but I’m back on it and I will catch up ,

My wish list is in two parts , the things I want most are not material things they are the things I strive for every day.

I wish that O will settle into year 4 and have a much better school year now that the right help hopefully is in place.

I wish that my official complaint to CAMHS has a positive outcome – leading to a reassessment for my 17 y/o and that he gets the support to get him through college. second time lucky

I wish that my medication would do away with more of the pain and stiffness and swelling and that I can start to be less exhausted all the time.
I wish the IBS would F off !

I wish my body and my head would remember how to sleep.

I wish I could shift 3lbs

I wish mental illness was not a taboo subject. I wish more people understood and cared , and the same goes for autism.

I wish I could learn to paint the nails on my left hand as well as my right.

And because I’m human there are some materialistic things on my list.

I wish I could buy the shoes from Clarks that I’ve fallen in love with. and a handbag to match

I wish asda would have the bum and tum jeans in my size. I keep looking. They never have them

I wish to find the energy and the money to give this house a paint and a freshen up.

I wish my landlord would give me a new kitchen floor the current Lino is approximately 40 years old

Mostly I wish love health and happiness for my family

And I wish that we human beings could just all be a bit nicer to eachother.

Thank you for reading 😄

Blog every day in August : nature


Day 12 :


I’m cheating a little with these photos I’ve used them in a blog post already but I took them today at the wetlands centre and I think they are lovely.
I really enjoyed spending the day surrounded by nature and I think I’ve captured a little of how beautiful it is ….

I’ve also realised I really want a proper camera









And some of my favourites from Hampton court




Blog every day in August : tradition


Day 12 :

I’m afraid I’m going to get Christmassy in the post. You may need to lay down in a darkened room after reading. It’s too early for the “c” word I know but Christmas is my favourite time of year.

I love Christmas. I really do. I love everything about it.

When we were growing up we did Christmas a bit different to all of our friends , because my mum is Norwegian we always opened our presents on Christmas Eve … Which I didn’t love …and Christmas Day was spent with family which I did love.

Our first tradition every year is the writing of the Christmas list ( which subsequently gets rewritten approximately 365 times )

Our tree goes up on the 10 th December. This is my 17 year olds birthday , we’ve done it like this since he was 1 !

My kids usually have some involvement in the church Christmas show usually two weeks before Christmas so we will go along to that and I actually enjoy the carols at church. There are warm mince pies afterwards , I think this is where the Christmas feeling kicks in for me.

None of our presents ever appear under the tree until I put them there at about 3:00am on Christmas morning.
Even though we only have one believer now ( Oliver) I like the looks on everyone’s faces when “Santa” has been.

On Christmas Eve we go down the lane to the christingle service , while we are out the ” elves ” always deliver a parcel for each of us. New pyjamas. So after church we will all put our new pyjamas on and have a hot chocolate. And usually watch a Christmas movie.
Then we prepare a plate of food for Santa and the reindeer , sprinkle reindeer food outside and of course hang our Santa key on the outside door handle.

Christmas morning is obviously a blur of wrapping paper being ripped open, batteries being forgotten and bits of presents being lost in the mayhem.

We have our Christmas dinner , mum is usually with us for dinner and then spends the evening with us, in the evening we sit down to have a good look at our presents , and watch the Christmas soaps . Accompanied by an assortment of cheese and crackers and cider for the grown ups.

And of course we have birthday cake and presents for me because Christmas is not the only special thing that happened on 25 th December.


Christmas eve pyjamas !


Someone always get emotional watching a Christmas eve movie.

Blog every day in August : a quote to live by


Day 11:

A quote to live by ….

I don’t know where it’s from and I’m probably misquoting it but I heard a quote that goes something like this

whenever there is an opportunity use kindness
There is always an opportunity

This quote is one that I try to live my life by.

Kindness is a wonderful thing
It needn’t cost anything
It needn’t take much time

But a little kindness really can have a huge effect.

It can change a persons day
It can change their life

And it’s so easy Kindness comes in all sizes
It comes in all manner of ways

I have been touched by so much kindness. So much support on twitter.
So many people taking the time to help me with kind words.
So many people have given me their email addresses and phone numbers and been there for me whenever I’ve needed to talk.

A couple of months ago when my washing machine broke I really was in despair. I was saving for a new oven as we had been months with no oven and with 8 of us it took no time atall to be snowed under with washing.

A very kind twitter friend BOUGHT ME A WASHING MACHINE.
It’s the most amazing thing that’s happened to us.
And the kindness of @homelessbeanies really did have a wonderful effect on our lives.

I have a twitter friend who is in hospital right now and every single day it makes me so happy to see how much kindness she gets through twitter.
The most wonderful thing is that she still takes time to be kind and supportive.

Kindness really is amazing. And if everybody was a little kinder how much more wonderful would life be.

I try to always be kind , I try to teach the kids to be kind and I hope that my kindness makes a little difference to somebody somewhere.

Blog every day in August : you need to read this …


Day 10 , you need to read this ……

I’m an avid reader.
I inhale books.
Every now and then I come across a book that I think EVERY BODY simply must read.
I’m sure I’ve tweeted about them before but these are 3 books that I think
everybody must read


This book is about a boy called August with a facial deformity. August has never been to school before but now he going to give it a try.

This book made me feel a whole spectrum of emotions. Through sadness , anger , laughter and so much more.

It was a real insight into what life is like for someone with a facial deformity and for those around them.

This book moved me so much. I really do feel that everybody simply must read it. at once !!

the second book is will Grayson , will Grayson , by John green

This is the story of two will graysons who run in completely different circles and accidentally meet one night , which leads to their lives going in new and unexpected directions.
This book is fun. It’s a whole lot of fun.
It features a gay musical written by tiny , the wonderful gay character. It’s has gay romance – which I’ve not come across in a book before and straight romance It’s full of sadness and happiness and wonderful camp gayness. and i loved everything about it , it is just fab. And awesome. And I felt utterly bereft when it ended. I missed the book and the characters and all the awesomeness that was will Grayson will Grayson.

the fault in our stars
, also by John green

This book is about Hazel and Augustus. They meet at a group for cancer sufferers. They fall in love.
Augustus uses his ” wish ” to help hazel go to holland to track down the author of a book she loves , but Augustus is more ill than hazel knows.

This book is raw and honest and funny and sad , it’s moving , it’s emotional , it’s wonderful. It’s a beautiful book to have read. .

I really really do wish everyone would read these books they will add something to your soul and your life.

you may have noticed I’m a big fan of John green. I must also say I think you’d be missing something wonderful if you don’t read paper towns ….and looking for Alaska.

trust me , you need to read these books.

Blog every day in August : why do you blog ?


Day 9 :
I’m taking part in @Mummytraining27’s blog every day in August. You can find her blog here. ( do take a look its very good)

Why do you blog ?

Why do I blog ? Well , I started blogging in February mostly because I was looking for an outlet , a way to vent my frustrations , a way to process my thoughts and I hoped a way to connect with somebody who may know what I was going through.
I have found that blogging really is a helpful process. When my head is full of stuff , I’m angry , sad , whatever , I blog about it.
While I’m writing – typing, who writes anymore?- it helps me to think through what’s in my head and because I’m not someone who plans my posts or drafts them first sometimes I actually find it useful to read back what has come out of my head. It helps me to understand myself.
Since I began blogging I have found many more twitter friends and bloggers with the same issues as myself , and some who don’t share my issues but are just lovely people , I have found the support network that I really needed.
And I hope that someday one of my posts has or will help somebody else.

Now that I have been blogging for a while – 6 months , I blog because I like it. I enjoy it. I have found a hobby that doesn’t cost me anything , I can do anywhere , on a bus , in the park , in bed , I’m proud of my blog , I’m proud that I’ve created this thing that is all mine and all me.
And I think that other people like it too. 😄😄

Blog every day in August : my guilty pleasure ….


Day 8 : my guilty pleasure

I have a few guilty pleasures , this is them

I’ve said before on my blog that my taste in music is questionable. It is.
I own 2 one direction albums. They are mine. Not the kids.
I own many many glee songs.
And I love an 80’s ballad

My favourite TV shows include GLEE and vampire diaries.
Not exactly brain food. But damn they are good TV.
It may or may not be partly because vampire diaries has these two in it



I have seen every episode of friends probably a hundred times each. And I still laugh every time.

As well as being a huge xfactor fan , again partly to do with this …


One of my favourite things to watch is ABBA the musical. We like to have an abba night. Which involves pizza , Pringles, dip , a bottle of coke and lots of singing along.

I’m a huge fan of criminal minds , I’m sure I’m not the only one , but my favourite thing about it is this …


My most guilty pleasure is that Im rather partial to a few chunks of a marvellous creations bar , the one with the jelly beans , in bed at night when I should be asleep.

Guilty as charged.

Blog every day in August : things you need to know about me


Day 7:
Things you should know about me

I’m taking part in blog every day in August
I’ve mixed the order up a bit because … Well my brain just doesn’t want to work in order

Here’s 10 things you should know about me

1: I’m painfully shy
, I think I often seem stand offish. Don’t let that put you off , I’m actually very nice if you give me a chance.

2: I have 7 children.
They are my greatest achievement , my pride and joy , my everything

3: I can’t handle my drink.
One glass of alcohol is always all I can take. I’m a cheap night out 🙂

4:I can’t run for a bus !
I’m slow and stiff , and have a little bit of a hobble going on.
Age hasn’t caught up with me yet , it’s my psoriatic arthritis.

5: I have dodgy taste in music ( very)
When I’m doing the housework you will usually find me busting some moves to one direction
I have a whole load of GLEE songs on my iPhone

* sorry , deletes blog *

6: I can’t deal with blood or broken bones.
When my children hurt themselves I will and do ( always) run away from them
Usually to scream for a neighbour.
They get lots of cuddles when they are cleaned up.
( this is the thing that most annoys me about myself )

7: I’m scared of ketchup
And needles

8: I was born on Christmas Day.
No , it’s not lovely.
You get overlooked.

9: I can’t sew ,
Nope can’t even sew a button on. In fact I can’t do anything remotely crafty.
I can’t even wrap a present.
The kids have often been given birthday presents in carrier bags.

10: I love my blog.
I’m incredibly proud of it.
It’s my own little place that I’ve created
And I’ve not done a bad job so far ( I hope )