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Forty is coming at me ….fast


I turn 40 this year , on christmas day infact so right away this a stumbling point, obviously I want christmas day to be all about me i want to share the day with my family …it is christmas after all . What will happen is i will run about like a headless chicken making christmas day go well and then just before bedtime I will get time for some cheese and a glass of cider , I’ve toyed with the idea of an early birthday but its hard to organise because nobody wanted to come, not even twitter folk * insert crying sound here* folk are too busy or too far , so at the very least I need to make my last few months of 39 count and I’d quite like my 40th year to be a bit special as they say forty is old life begins at 40 , I missed out on fun when I was young because by 16 I worked full time by 18 I was working, married and heavily pregnant , not that I have any regrets , I love this slightly dysfunctional lovely brood I’ve raised but I want to have some fun, do something different, make 40 my year.
The problem is I have no idea what this fun I speak of is ,
~ fun ….but not outrageous….or expensive…or brave , I wont be bungee jumping or canoeing I’m not that stupid brave .~ a challenge? But I wont be climbing ben nevis , ~learn something ? But what

So whats left , for my sounding lamer by the minute life begins at forty list, anything ?
Please please hit me with ideas . My birthday is for life not just for christmas