A lovely afternoon.


Ollie was given a £2 coin by my mum, I suggested to him that it would be a good idea to buy some world cup stickers for his album in Asda as it would be a perfect opportunity to get him out of the house.

I told him that if Asda wasn’t busy we might have lunch in the cafe, we set off at lunchtime today. I was planning to go by bus but we had just missed one so I asked Ollie if we could cut through the common to another bus stop where we had a choice of bus. The sun was shining so we dawdled a bit.

Asda was very quiet when we got there so we bought the stickers and went to the cafe, we hadn’t eaten there before and Ollie is very fussy about eating out except of course for McDonalds. He chose sausage chips and beans and I chose a mozerella, pesto and basil focaccia. We also bought a biscuit each for pudding. My food was absolutely delicious and Ollie ate all of his sausage and beans and most of his chips.

When we got to the bus stop Ollie asked me to text and find out when the bus was due. There were five minutes to wait, Ollie said we may as well walk home, I wasn’t sure because its a half hour walk but he was determined. Luckily its a nice walk, we cut through the cemetery as the road was noisy and Ollie wanted to look at all the grave stones and flowers, we walked through the garden of rememberance and looked at the names on the plaques and the rose bushes. After the cemetery Ollie obviously had a million questions about dying, being buried, cremation, I told him the story of when he was 3 he kept asking me and my mum to take him to see the cemetery but when we did he was very annoyed that he didn’t see any dead people. Every now and then he says something that just blows me away, after talking about being buried etc he said he wants to give his body to scientists when he dies so they can study his autistic brain.

We walked through the common again and saw loads of butterflies and bees, when we crossed the road (which was very quiet) Ollie told me off and gave me a lecture about how if any children had been watching I would be setting a bad example, so I wont be doing that again.

A quick trip to Asda to buy some stickers turned into a wonderful afternoon of nice food, walking in the sunshine and lots and lots of chatting.

The boy did good!

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