To do lists are the way to do it.


Although im organised at home,very good at getting people out on time, having dinner ready when the kids get home, getting the ironing done, when it comes to getting important stuff done I’m not so good.

When I have alot to do, making phone calls, appointments, dealing with forms etc I end up feeling swamped and not knowing where to begin, which inevitably leads to nothing getting done.

I had seen alot on twitter about bullet journals, apparently the new big thing in organization but apart from a quick glance at the hash tag I really didn’t have the time or inclination to read up on it.

I was in Asda a few days ago with the daughter buying black biros for her exams (something I had forgotten to do so it was a last minute trip) and saw notebooks, now I love a notebook and I’m always up for an excuse to buy one so I grabbed one and decided this is it, this notebook is the key to a new organised me .

I started yesterday morning with a half hearted attempt, I used a page to write all the days in may and wrote in the dates I already know i have to remember and then wrote yesterdays date at the top of the page followed by a to do list. I didn’t do any of the things on the list so I felt a little like I had already failed. Determined I woke up today and did the same again.

I sat down with a cup of tea and started getting things ticked off, before I knew it I had made 3 doctors appointments, called Ollies sen caseworker, texted my landlord, filled in a form, and popped out to hand in the form and collect another form I need to fill in, which will go on tomorrows to do list.

Ive bought some funky paper clips and some washi tape to personalise my notebook a bit, I’m sure a plain book would suffice but by making it pretty and personalising it in more likely to keep it up.

Ive got a few more things on todays to do list and then I can relax knowing I’ve achieved something today.

I gave myself small goals and I accomplished them, I’m on the way to being a new organised me, and I like it.

My note book will go where I go so its always there if I think of something I need to jot down before I forget (once I’ve thought of something there’s only a matter of seconds before the thought has left my head just as quickly as it came, and you never know I just might get round to buying the new toilet seat that I’ve been trying to remember since february.

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