Sometimes ordinary days are the best.


Ollie and I had a little day out today. Nothing special really, but I try to get him out into town once a week.Usually we just pop down the road on a bus to our nearest McDonalds but my mum and I decided to take him to the McDonalds near to her, last time we went it turned out to be closed for refurbishment and the trip turned into a disaster which you can read hereso Ollie was interested to see how it had changed.

We were incredibly lucky, as soon as we got on the bus to my mums the heavens opened it was absolutely pouring down, twenty minutes later just as we got to our bus stop the rain stopped.

We walked along the river to McDonalds, it was raining very lightly so we took umbrellas from mums house with us, the walk is always nice as there’s always something different to see on the river .

McDonalds had gone all fancy shmancy, some of the tables have tablets on them (of the computer kind) and it has fancy self service things to order your food yourself, then you get a ticket and collect your order just like in Argos.

Ollie likes big macs, he only recently moved on from happy meals so the first time he managed a big mac he was delighted, this time he asked if he could have two because one still leaves him hungry. As both me and mum love to see him eat in McDonalds (I know I know McDonalds is bad ,where do I join up for the bad mums club? But when you have a really fussy autistic eater who is always scared of a hair being in his food ,except at McDonalds I think its acceptable) we obliged. He almost managed them both. He was very proud but decided that next time he should have a big mac and a burger. We sat and watched the rain through the McDonalds windows because there was another huge downpour, and who doesn’t love to watch splishy splashy rain. We were going to go straight home from mcdonlds thinking that was probably enough of being out for Ollie, but he said come on then back to grannys for a tea. The three of us were talking and laughing so much which was unusual with Ollie that we walked the wrong way a little.

We had a cuppa at my mums, and she told me she had bought me a reading lamp as I’m always complaining of mine being brighter than the surface of the sun and she totally dissapproves of me reading by candlelight. She opened the cupboard to show us “the lamp” .

Well me and Ollie were in fits of laughter ,this is my lamp (olbas oil for scale) the pic is actually at the bottom of the post ,wordpress on my phone is pants I do in fact love my lamp. Its perfect for if Ollie just needs a light to do his albas oil ritual and it attatches to a book.

Just before we left mums her lovely neighboor knocked to see if we wanted a pineapple ,we’ve never had a whole one so Ollie was chuffed, then the neighbour asked Ollie if he had seen the hobbit and popped to his flat to get the dvd for us to take home.

We left very happy.

Then we hit a little meltdown. Now,there are two bus stops close to mums ,when I am alone with the kids I go to the one I feel is safer to get across the road to ,with mum we go to the other because she’s good at and safe crossing the road. We chose that one today and Ollie wasn’t happy when he saw we were walking to it. He had a shout because there is a “stupid fence”to walk past, and that way “smells” and the road is “busy” he stormed to the bus stop and sat in a huff on the bus. My mum was only on the bus for a couple of stops to buy some fruit. Before she got off he said he had forgiven her for the wrong bus stop “if she wanted him to”

For the rest of the bus ride he was a bit tense but we chatted which never normally happens.

So although it was a nothing special day out it was lovely Ollie coped in McDonalds and on two busy bus rides. Even got over a meltdown quickly, and I’m so happy that I had a lovely day with two of my favourite people.

We’ve asked Ollie to think of some more places we can try going to with him. I need to put my thinking cap on.

You never know what you will get when you take Ollie out ,sometimes it dreadful but sometimes like today its just wonderful.

thankyou for reading and I hope you had a good day.

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