Show us your blog :linky


Show us your blog is my linky which I’ve been trying to get off the ground for a while now , I’ve decided not to give up on it because (if i may say so myself) I think its a good idea .
So, I’ve moved it to saturday as it wasn’t doing too well midweek, and its now open from the saturday through to tuesday . Plenty of time to link up .
The rules are the same , there are no rules . If you have a blog, new or established, big or small, beauty, baby, family or anything else you are welcome to join in. The idea of the linky is simply what it says in the title “show us your blog” its a good way to find new readers or to find new blogs to read .
You can either link up your whole blog or if there is a particular post you’d like to show off feel free to do so .
The only thing I ask is that if you link up you have a look at and maybe comment on one or two others that have also linked up .
So thats all you need to know, I will of course give you a shout out when you link up.

The linky is here

its easy to do, even I can do it , I look forward to reading and sharing your blogs .

Thanks for reading, G xx


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