No place for my child


If you’ve read my blog before you will know that I took Oliver out of school in november last year. Ollie is 9 and has autism. School was traumatic for him and I believe it was harming him ,mentally.

I had decided to keep him home and educate him myself. We had a few months of recovering from school and had begun to settle into a routine of learning at home ,then our education welfare officer stepped in ( the same one that completely failed my older son with autism) and wasn’t happy that I would be depriving Ollie from socialisation ( because obviously a child can only socialise at school * sarcastic face* ) she pressed me into agreeing to apply to schools ( he had his statement by this point) so we applied ,we talked about it with Ollie ,we drove him around schools ,walked him to and from schools ,caused him to become stressed again and we waited for weeks , months, for news, we were hopeful about one in particular , an asd unit where we knew they had space ,it was ideal .

Today our special needs caseworker phoned me to say that all of the schools we applied to have said they cant meet Ollies needs ,even the asd unit .

I’m furious with the whole stupid system ,he has a statement , he is entitled to go to school if that’s what we want but no school wants to take him on.

What is the use of an asd unit if they cant meet the needs of an autistic child?

Why did they pressure me so much to apply for a school place that isn’t there ?.

I’m not sure what’s next.

I’m not sure if I should just tell them to do one ?

I feel like I want to take this further now just on principle because he is entitled to a place.

But I don’t know if I want/need the stress.

Once again let by the SEN system.
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  1. I can’t find the words I need to express quite how pissed off I am on your behalf. What a load of stressful hoops you both had to jump through for no end result. I can well see why you are thinking of a complaint, I think in your position would be thinking the same. Appalling 😦

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