Things i don’t say enough …


I spend alot of time moaning about my lot on twitter. But actually they aren’t THAT bad infact they are all pretty great.

lets have a quick run through, my eldest D is 20 he’s at uni. He loves ( and i mean LOVES maths and science ) he’s doing physics and its no lie to say he is massively intelligent ,he’s also quiet ,he has never caused me a moment of stress in his life.

Then J is 18 he had asd ,tourettes, ocd and social phobia ( possible agorophobia) he left the school system at 14 as he had no support. He has had extensive iq tests with an ed. Psychologist and scored in top 3 % of the population. So he’s a bit of a genius. He’s a wizz with all kinds of IT or anything electrical.
despite his problems he’s polite ,and caring ,and he’s a funny kid. He has what i call funny bones, ie he’s naturally very funny, he’s hard work. But worth it.

Then we have B ,he held a record during his 11th year of school ,lowest attendance ever !! ( but we can forget that ,right?) he was a bit ” of a challenge for that year ” In an amazing turn around he’s loving college and has 7 distinctions so far. He’s going to be a plumber. He’s recently started making me tea ,even waking me up with a cuppa.

Next up L , my football girl. She plays football and plays it well. She was even a mascot for an international game once , She’s a real brain box  especially in the sciences,maths and history. She’s on her second DofE course ,a first aider and is going to a football coaching course.

Next my E ( who we call Barry for no good reason ) she’s 14 and another maths/science brainbox. She’s the one that gets us all up on time every morning and feeds milo at 5:30a.m never any trouble ,she’s my housework partner every weekend .

Z is next ,she’s 12 ,again very clever and above targets in school,She is my “cant sit still, cant stop talking girl” she’s my shadow .My companion around the house. She’s stubborn ,strong willed and determined ( like her sisters) something I admire in my daughters

last but not least …Ollie  ,I’m sure you all know lots about Ollie. Yes he has autism and tics but he’s a funny polite ,curious ,wonderful boy ,he is amazingly bright ,his memory is amazing.

I’m massively proud that these 7 wonderful people are my children.they are growing up with manners and values. And taking education seriously.

 Even if you see me moan about them on twitter …know that I am deep down ,completely and utterly in love with the beautiful souls that are my children !



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