It doesn’t sit well with me


This post will not make me popular,I will take that chance because something doesn’t sit well with me. I’m sure it will look like a bad case of sour grapes but its not. Its really not. The Morrisons Mum thing , I didn’t apply to be one ( did you have to apply,I don’t know) because I don’t do reviews unless ive bought something I like ,so I’m genuinely not bitter about it. The reason being i simply don’t have time to dedicate to the blog for posts other than what I WANT to write .Also I have no issue with anyone doing reviews type things! What it is that isn’t sitting well with me is this, first off I hope that while morrisons where giving out lots and lots of free vouchers they were also donating something to food banks. Because ,you know, they really do NEED free food !!

Also the vouchers seemed to be given to quite a few who really didn’t seem to need them. £80 is ALOT of money to ALOT of people. I gather the idea was to buy barbeque stuff (correct me if I’m wrong) and tweet /instagram the heck out of it. But for many people that money would have been spend on real essentials. Just the necessary to get by. It seemed like quite a lot of booze was bought.

This weekend so many people will have been scraping by on pennies, having to go without things they usually buy because they cant afford enough food. While seeing endless pics of shopping on twitter . I’m lucky ,I did my shopping already this week but it left me with -£48 in the bank ( yes, minus)

I do not blame the bloggers given the vouchers, who wouldn’t be delighted to get £80 in vouchers? I know i would be but the spamming of timelimes with pics of carrier bags of shopping etc has been a bit much.

The whole bragging about your free supermarket shop just seems a little unsavoury to me in current times especially as so much alcohol was bought .  

Morrisons could have done a wonderful thing here they could have given them vouchers to people/bloggers who REALLY needed them

That’s all, I genuinely do hope the morrisons mums enjoyed the barbeques etc but I think the whole thing was badly handled. My beef with this issue isnt the bloggers at all ,its with the it was handled

The fact that food banks have been a huge issue lately and so many are going hungry just made this whole thing something that didn’t sit well with me.

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  1. Like you, I don’t do reviews etc, just because it’s too much hard work and I have a day job. I struggle to just blog, let alone anything else! And I agree that there are better causes.
    Having said that, I would have been so excited to receive vouchers for shopping – I do budget it, so would have been nice to have loads to spend without worrying too much. So for the bloggers I can imagine that it made their week / month a bit brighter.

  2. I can understand where you are coming from. I was picked as a MorrisonsMum and I was delighted to be sent the vouchers as £80 is a lot to me (although I did buy a few treats!) You did have to apply but I was emailed by Britmums about it and I assume that any blogger signed up with them was sent the email as I am not particularly active on there. I don’t do many reviews (I used to do more) and I tend towards stuff that interests me or is applicable to my family and tbh £80 to spend in a supermarket did interest me as it’s what we mums all do. The brief was simply to do your normal shop and then blog about it with a recipe for the bank holiday weekend so I reckon all the tweeting/instagraming was purely people being grateful. Although I see where you are coming from I imagine from a marketing point of view Morrisons wanted to hit twitter/facebook etc and for them this is cheap advertising as after all £80 worth of vouchers to us equates to about £40 worth for them and they may even get new customers from the bloggers let alone the advertising. It coincided with their new ‘I’m cheaper’ campaign cutting prices of lots of products across the store, although we were unaware of this when we signed up. For £80 of shopping I will make time for a blog post whereas for some rubbish that cost a tenner that I didn’t want I won’t – after all I would have to work for 2 days to earn that and it won’t take me two days to write a post about it. Not offended but just explaining it from my point of view. Also I quite liked the fact that for once I was given the chance to review even though I am not a prominent blogger or a review blogger.

  3. It’s a tricky one to answer as I can see both sides. I don’t know whether donating to a food bank or not is something Morrisons would do – maybe they do, but just don’t shout about it? I don’t know.. I know they are quite big on community issues though, or at least have been in the past.

    I look on the Morrisons Mums campaign as a sponsored post – and for once everyone got the same amount. There’s just as much bitterness at times when some people find they only got £40 to someone else’s £150. You had to apply and I was so pleased I had a chance to try – mainly as we could get some meat fort my husband and H – I usually spend around £50ish a week on food but no meat as I refuse to cook it (I’ve been vegetarian over 30 years!). I’m often being overlooked on a lot of campaigns, so to be included was nice as I’d just about given up applying for most things.

    For me, there were a lot of Morrisons Mums pictures, but it was no worse than a Twitter party (which has put me off going on Twitter in the evenings these days there’s so many!) and it’s something which will pass as it’s a short campaign.

    I am grateful I got a chance to try it, and would do it again. Also, it has saved me a bit of money this month which is always a good thing!

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