I don’t know much about addiction at all. And yes I understand that there is a choice to take a drug / alcohol in the first place. But I believe that if you make that choice then chances are you are already in a bad place.

I imagine that the first time people try drugs they think it will be fun, just once will be fine ,or they wish to block something out ,they may not realise the full consequences ,that they are on the first step towards addiction. And by the time they do realise its probably too late and addiction has taken a hold .

Addiction is an illness. I wasn’t sure so I googled ” is addiction a mental illness” and it is. I read this among other things

Caused by bad choices but an illness just the same.

A death is tragic whatever the circumstances. A death due to drug use /addiction/ overdose is no less tragic.

A person in the grip of addiction is most likely not a person who is thinking clearly or able to make good choices.

Whatever has happened to compassion and kindness.   

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  1. Absolutely agree. It’s not even just substances, some people are just wired with addictive personalities even to mundane things. As awful as it sounds I am somewhat more sympathetic with mentally induced addictions as opposed to physical ones. I.e when an addiction starts as a means to escape something else i.e grief/depression.

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