Losing my way


I love blogging ,I really do. But I’ve lost my mojo completely.

Ive got nothing to blog about .

when I started out I blogged mostly about Ollie and the horror that was school for my little dude with autism,but he’s not in school now and there’s not alot happening with any of the asd unit applications we’ve made ,we are kind of in a limbo educating at home as much ad possible but that’s not proving easy since all the school application business stressed and demotivated Ollie.

I was blogging about autism but i feel so many blogs do that better than mine.

Ive blogged a little about myself being unwell but as its taking so long to get any kind of diagnosis even Im becoming bored with that.

I was blogging about going gluten free for a while but as it didn’t make any difference to my health that’s fallen by the wayside.

So im stuck ,I don’t know what direction to take this blog in.

The posts about Ollie and school were always my most popular ,maybe that’s what people came to expect from my blog ?

For me blogging is my way of clearing my mind ,making sense of my thoughts ,its my hobby my own little place .

But im not sure what that place is.

Where do I go with my little blog ?

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  1. If it helps, I’ve lost mine too! I haven’t blogged much at all for months, and I’ve lost a bit of motivation to blog either.
    Also, I enjoy reading your posts – I think that if it is honest, about you, your family, or your interests it is always going to be good. Might not make the high ratings charts, but that’s not really the point is it 🙂

  2. Hi G,

    I really enjoy your blogs, probably because you don’t concetrate on one thing, you blog abut life, books, food, health and real life emotions. Things that matter to you and in turn matter to us.  You have a great writing style. I love reading and writing but it never flows easy with me so I don’t blog… keep it up, please?


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