Pupil services ;never knowingly of any service to anyone


Bare with me ,I feel like ive told this story endlessly , but that’s what it is ,endless .

I deregistered Ollie back in November, because school was more traumatic than any 8 year old should ever have to deal with. I made the decision after alot of thought , it wasn’t hasty ,he very quickly became a happier little boy , we were falling into a rhythm of learning , at home ,it was a good thing..

Then the Education welfare officer got involved , the same one who was never bothered when my 18 year old was (illegally) taken off roll at 14 because his asd and other conditions made school difficult for him.  The family recovery project also started working with us and together they questioned my decision, doubted me made me believe id done the wrong thing , they were concerned that Ollie was a burden on me , excuse me ? My child a burden on me ? And told me without school Ollie would never become socialised.

Id like to point out here that of course I would like Ollie to be properly equipped for life ,I take Ollie out ,he socialises with his 6 siblings, with his granny ,we go to the park ,shops ,on buses ,because he knows I believe he must practice these things . I don’t believe that socialisation can only occur in a school setting ,I also don’t believe it to be the be all and end all for Ollie. Autistic people are obviously all individuals but I don’t think they crave ,need or want company at the same level as neurotypical people. (this is purely my own opinion)

Ollie is in fact happiest when he can have plenty of alone time ( private time as he calls it)

But they put doubt in my mind. We applied for schools , his statement was about to be completed and they were sure he’d get a place very quickly.

We waited and waited , six weeks , no news , the frp decided Ollie needed to be prepared for going to school so we began walking to and fro ,driving around the schools ,this was against my better judgement as I felt that preparing Ollie like this for something that didn’t seem it was going to happen was wrong. As I had expected Ollie soon became stressed and angry about this, refusing to talk about school anymore .

I was contacted by a lady from pupil services who was to be Ollies special needs caseworker , they were apparently still waiting on news from the schools we applied to but she suggested I apply to a local ASD unit , we had a look around I loved it and as suggested by his special needs caseworker I named it on his statement.

I assumed things were happening. But another 3 weeks down the line and still no news. No letters of rejection, no acceptance letters. And although I regularly call our case worker they never ever call me back. They are also not answering messages from the frp , and the ewo Is nowhere to be seen. There is just no communication at all.

Yesterday I had an appointment with Ollies psychiatrist ,we talked about school .He said that he doesn’t feel mainstream school is right for Ollie at all. He said that its really a case of a specialised Asd unit or no school. He asked if id asked for funding for any of the local private ASD units ( which you can only access with lA funding) I explained that our caseworker had told me not to even bother applying , he said that’s ridiculous and there’s no reason for me not to apply. Why is it that none of the ‘professionals’ are ever on the same page, saying the same thing.

why do they interfere and then when I go along with thier advice against my better judgement let me down ,ignore my phone calls and messages and leave us not knowing what’s going on.

I understand that pupil services are busy but really I find it extremely rude that they don’t return calls or messages ,especially when you are assigned a case worker who tells you she will be “dealing with your case” after all they are called pupil ‘services’ although they have never knowingly been of any service to anyone.  

This whole situation has has become a headache , a stress ,a worry , one of nobody doing what they are supposed to be doing, no communication and no coherent support for Ollie ,a 9 year old child with autism whatsoever.


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