The one where I tried Fruit Broo


I am a big tea drinker , from first thing in the morning until bedtime I usually have a cup of tea on the go , sometimes though tea just doesn’t hit the spot .I’m not a fan of peppermint or camomile teas and I’ve not found a fruit tea that I enjoy , until I came across Fruit Broo on twitter , @FruitBroo.

Fruit Broo is not in bags . Bags can be messy , they can split , its hard to know just how long to leave the bag in for , Fruit Broo comes in little bottles ,100 ml for £2:50 , each bottle makes 15 yummy cups .
Its so simple to make , simply add a teaspoon or two of the syrup to hot water stir and enjoy .

Fruit Broo is 100% natural and contains no caffeine ( its also gluten free )

The best thing about Fruit Broo is the flavours :
Apple ginger and spice
Honey and lemon
Elderflower and lime
Peach pear and honey
Rhubarb apple and cinammon
Lemon and ginger
Blackberry and plum

I tried the apple ginger and spice , honey and lemon and the peach pear and honey , I found all 3 flavours very fruity and refreshing , the peach pear and honey was my favourite though. Ive been drinking more Fruit Broo than regular tea .
Delivery is free ( minimum 3 bottles) and I received my order very promptly .

I really did enjoy these drinks and as I’ve run out I’m about to order 3 different flavours . You can take a look at the website here ;

* I bought these drinks at full price , I was not asked to write a review ,I did so because I genuinely enjoyed these drinks .


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