The one with the gp appointment.


what a week.

I got my blood test results last Saturday and my gp said that because of my symptoms ( PSA getting worse , IBS getting worse, microcytic anemia and vomiting every time I eat food)she was concerned that there may be something serious going on , she talked about the possibility of cancer ( bowel ,stomach or cervical) so she referred me for more blood tests ,so studies could be carried out on my blood and booked me in for a smear ,rectal exam and tummy examination.

Its been a long week
Ive been worried sick , today I had ny appointment , I was very nervous ( that’s probably why I threw up when I got to the surgery) but once again my lovely twitter followers talked me through it and my gp was very understanding.

First she confirmed the microcytic anemia and prescribed iron tablets, then it was time for the examinations, I needed to go to the loo first ( nerves) when I came back my gp said she was convinced I would bottle it and do a runner, that’s how scared I looked. She did the smear first , which was NOT painful just uncomfortable and said she was having a good look. She rummaged around for a good five minutes ,whilst I breathed as if I was in labour and said everything appeared to be completely normal , she’s confident that the smear test will come back all clear. Then the rectal examination. I wasn’t sure I would go through with it right up to the last moment but I did and it was fine. Uncomfortable but less so than the smear. Again she had a good rummage ,with her spotlight that was brighter than the sun shining up my bottom , again she said everything appeared normal . She then had a good feel of my tummy. It was very tender but she said she was confident that there were no lumps or bumps.

So the cause remains a mystery , although she reassured me that there is no indication of any kind of cancer. She has referred me to the gastroenterology department at the hospital for another endoscopy and an ultrasound.

My gp said its possible I may have crohns disease but its equally possible that my IBS is causing me stress and anxiety which could be making me vomit , which in turn could be the cause of the anemia , which would make me tired ,sick and more stressed , leading to more vomitting. A viscious circle.

Ive got more buscopan which I need to take before every meal and she said I need to try and power through the sickness and eat as well as I can to get my iron levels back up ,she also said its a good idea to carry on drinking complan when I really can’t manage food, so I’m getting enough nutrients and most importantly iron.

Although I still don’t know what’s making me so ill its an enormous relief to hear my gp say she is confident there’s no indication of cancer. 

Im also relieved its the Easter holidays so I can have some long mornings in bed and relax a bit while I try to get my Iron levels back up.

thank you for reading and thank you bloggers /tweeters for all your support. .    
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  1. It’s good news that the internal examinations are clear. I think it makes sense what your GP is saying. The tiredness etc is all part of a circle.
    Well done for going through with it..these examinations are not pleasant but at least now you’ll have peace of mind.
    Have a good rest, well as much as you can have with kids about.
    Take care of you. x

  2. You’re so brave. Glad it’s not serious and hopefully you can get plenty of rest to feel better soon. Xxx

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