Pyjama walk for autism


Hello fellow bloggers and tweeters, as you may know its autism awareness month , you may also know that I have two boys both with autism along with other co morbid conditions .
My friend Sue also has two boys with autism , last easter we did our first sponsored walk , in pyjamas , for the national autistic society ,raising almost £300 in total , this year we are doing it again on august 17th 5 miles in our pyjamas , i cant walk any further because as ive blogged previously I’m very poorly !
This is where I’m going to ask for your help, we’ve all seen what bloggers can do for charity please help us to beat our £300 that we raised last year !
You can help us by sharing this post , tweeting links to this post and our virgin money giving link , blogging about the walk , anything that may help
You can also help in a fun way by sparing a morning to walk with us , in your pyjamas , you don’t need to come to london , you can walk where you live , blog , tweet about it , instagram it ! I would add you to our money giving page of course , if you have a child in a buggy you could just walk a mile ( or two) in your pjs or if you have kids you could do whatever distance they can handle , it would be awesome if anyone would join in , it would mean a lot to myself and Sue , and we raise even more than £300 this time .

Our virgin money giving link is here

Please help us do something wonderful for autism by raising money for the national autistic society , if you cant do the walk ( please do the walk) then please support team pyjama and the pyjama walk for autism on social media

I know times are hard and we are all a little charitied out right now but this is for such a great cause , please help if you can

Thankyou for reading , G x


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