My positive week :day 1


Ive decided to continue blogging ” my positive week” this week because I found it really useful to sit down and think about the positives at the end of the day. Im making one change though im not setting the task of finding 3 positives, the truth is some days that’s a stretch ,I will take them as they come.

These are todays positives: I survived my blood test. That might not sound like a biggie, but I have a real phobia of blood and needles. Every time I have a blood test ( which is very often) im terrified. twitter helped me this morning and although I did cry and have to be laid down for a bit because I got a bit wobbly I did it. The blood test staff are used to me and Are always very understanding.

The builder came and work has begun to fix my leaky loo, my bathroom has been painted and when that’s done tomorrow the damaged living room wall is prepared ready for papering.

The 12 year old was awarded 16 vivo points ( they have a points reward system at her school) ten of which were for academic excellence. The points are not easy to come by as the teachers have a limit for how many they can give out.

my phone case for my new phone came ( actually a set of two with lovely owl designs) so my new phone looks all pretty.

Also as its Monday Criminal minds is on tv , one of my favourite shows. And always a perfect way to end a Monday.

Not a bad day at all , the kids have been good , theyve been busy doing homework tonight and I haven’t been sick !

How was your day ? 

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  1. Sounds like it’s been a good day for you!:)
    Although I am still upset and frustrated about my injury and unable to excersice,i had a decent day at work and i’m seeing a physio tomorrow.Hopefully things will get better soon
    We have to stay positive sometimes i guess but there are times it feels like the most difficult thing in the world….

  2. I think it is a great idea to list your positives. I started a positives journal 3 years ago and I write 5 lines a day. I agree it can be hard sometimes, but on those days I think about the things I’m grateful for, my children being happy, our health…

    I used to be bad about having my blood taken, but had so many tests when I was pregnant I got over it. Of course my last one was over 2 years ago so I don’t know what I’ll be like when I need another one.

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