Diagnosis :poorly


I wasn’t sure i was going to blog about this because mostly I don’t want to bore the life out of anyone but its weighing heavy on my mind. Ive been poorly ….

I have psoriatic arthritis and Ibs ,Ive got used to that ,it was a relief to finally be diagnosed just over a year ago ,I thought that with a diagnosis and medication id feel better .

I haven’t felt better though ,for the last 5 months Ive had alot of arthritic pain and a constant bad tummy , since Christmas Ive been struggling to eat anything without vomitting. Its not just vomitting though within half an hour of eating I get shocking tummy spasms ,whole body pain, migraine, fever, the vomiting just adds to the whole bunch of fun.

I have to have regular blood tests anyway because of the medication i take so this month my gp requested a full blood screening to get to the bottom of things. Before Christmas one of these blood tests flagged up that I have microcytosis .my gp said it wasn’t a big concern but this time my results show that I have microcytic anemia ,apparently my blood levels are seriously low. I have to have further blood tests tomorrow so they can do iron studies on my blood. And my gp said its likely I will need serious treatment ( I googled what this serious treatment may be – a blood transfusion ) my vitamin d was low , my cholesterol is high and together with all my symptoms my gp thinks everything indicates something more serious going on. I am booked in for some physical examinations on Friday ( of the very uncomfortable kind ) my gp said she’s not prepared to leave things for any longer than a week.

I wont lie ..I’m scared. Scared of the examinations ,scared of the results. My gp looked worried. I’m frustrated,I want to feel well,I want to eat food without being unwell. Im tired , so tired that I genuinely wonder how im still standing, but most of all I’m scared .

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  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling so poorly =[ sounds like the doctor is wanting to get to the bottom of it quickly, which is a good thing. The sooner you know, the sooner you can get better! I hope all the tests go okay. Fingers crossed for you. Big hugs xxxx

  2. I really hope that you will be sorted out very soon by your Doctor, you really have had a rotten time of late. I’m not surprised your scared and frustrated…I’m sure I would be too.

  3. I hope you get to the bottom of this. You have been poorly a while.
    Lots of hugs hunny. Am here if you need anything. Just shout. Lots of love Xxx

  4. Oh Grethe I am sure you are worried but I hope when you and the GP do get to the bottom of this that it turns out to be manageable and not serious. I’m glad your GP seems so switched on – and I’m sure once Friday is out of the way you will have your mind put at rest a bit. Oh and stay off Google – but you knew that anyway, Mrs T! #bloglove

  5. So sad that you are going through this my dear. Doctors are great though, they fixed me when my heart was beating at 180 beats per minute so I’m sure they can fix you too soon enough. xxx

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