The one where i ‘don’t know what I’m doing ‘


“we need to pop to B and Q on sunday , just in and out to pick up a roll of wallpaper”
I thought I approached the matter well, I was very clear about what we would be doing and B and Q is just a little bus ride away so wouldn’t take long and Ollie probably wouldn’t mind ,I thought wrong ,of course !

His first argument was weak “er mum you know I don’t like going shopping ”
I countered this well ” Its not really shopping its just popping in to buy something Ive already chosen ”

He was just warming up “mum,is it a great big place , where there are lots of people and its full of all different stuff right up to the ceiling ? And do we need to go on a bus with people to get there ?”
“Well , yes it is ” I told him
“So you are going to make me go somewhere that is all the things I hate ?”
“Well , the thing is that when you have autism sometimes you have to do things you hate and find hard ,so its good to practice a bit to get used the feelings and try to cope with them”

By now he was firing on all cylinders ” the only reason I need to get used to busy shops is if you are planning to make me go and live in debenhams ”

Debenhams ? He’s never even been in debenhams !

“Look ” I said I’m just doing my best to help you get used to things ”
He huffed , puffed and then replied ” sometimes when a person has autism , the person with autisms mother doesn’t know what she’s doing ”

I *might* have muttered something about someone being a smart arse .

I think i will just pop to B and Q on my own .


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  1. So you’re being the clever, inventive mum and he’s just being totally logical…and they just didn’t meet in the middle on this occasion…oh, well- onwards and upwards!

  2. This made me smile! I guess sometimes you do all the right things (preparation etc) and still things go off course…I hope you managed to pop out and get the wallpaper! #blogclub

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