My positive week :day 6


Today had been one of them days when nothing much of anything has happened. I mooched around in my pyjamas until 3:30 just because i

could ,as Ollie was having a day where he wanted quiet time ,and although id like the first of my 3 positive things to be that Im still feeling well Ive had awful nausea today ….I wasn’t sure I could conjure up any positives today but the whole point of this is to find some every day so here goes ….

•the twelve year old brought her spring tracking report home today and she’s doing well , she’s steadily moving up sub levels in everything and doing especially well in English ,maths and science. Im very lucky that all of my kids have a great natural ability in science and maths (Im completely the opposite)

•I started a new book today. Book 10 of the Vampire diaries. I love the tv show and although they are actually very different to the tv show  I have loved all of the books. Although I like most any kind of book my favourite of all are the vampire/supernatural ones. I got to a point around a year ago where I was reading them almost faster than they were being written and Id read so many that I needed a break from them ,so Ive been reading other genres but today I picked up book 10 of the Vampire diaries and found myself really enjoying it. Im ready to enjoy them again.

•and last but not least Im bringing out my ‘most often used’ positive ..everybody is fed and nobody is dead ,because even if you cant think of another one if you have that one you have enough.

how has your day been ?

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  1. This is so good because you’re finding the positives even when you’re having a tough day.
    My things were having a good chat to my friend in our local cafe, having my hair cut and speaking to my eldest sons on the phone….and despite his problems, S makes me smile everyday. x

  2. Everybody is fed and nobody is dead – I love that! I’ve never heard it before but I will be reminding myself of it when it all feels too much…Really glad you are getting stuck into a good book, I do think reading is good for the soul! #blogclub

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