My positive week :day 5


Im not sure if Ive got 3 things but one of them is a big one so maybe that can count for 2.

•Ive been well today (not vomitting) for the second day in a row ,Ive eaten a bit and kept two complan drinks down.

• my landlord sent his builder round. There are quite a few jobs that have needed doing for a while.The builder will be here Monday and Tuesday to fix my leaking toilet ,paint my bathroom, repaper my living room wall which got damaged when my bath leaked and fix my porch door which hasn’t shut properly for 7 years .Im also going to try my luck and ask for a new kitchen floor.

•um …its Friday tomorrow. Everyone loves Friday.

How was your day ? Has it been a positive one ?

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  1. Brilliant news about the landlord – hope his builder sorts out all those problems for you and you manage to get a new kitchen out of them as well 🙂

    So pleased you haven’t been sick today – have you had a tummy bug?

    Yay to Friday 🙂 x

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