My positive week : day 4


Im very late with this post today
life kind of got in the way of it.

but here are my three positive things

•because of strike day i went back to bed until 9:29,excellent start to the day.

•I managed to eat more today than Ive managed in a couple of weeks ,Ive eaten four slices of fruit bread ,a beanburger with savoury rice ,4 crispbreads and two complan drinks. Also a carton of innocent smoothie. And it has stayed in, both ends. I have eaten ,digested food and not been ill. Probably becauseI remembered the right meds at the right time. Im patiently awaiting my medal!

•16 year old got 97% in a plumbing exam .

I also finished a book today , Chicago fire was on tv which i love > and the 12 year old bought me a caramac .

Thats not a bad list 😄

How was your day , was it a positive one ?


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  1. This is a great list! Good to hear you had a good day foodwise. x
    97% in an exam is fantastic! You must be very proud.
    I had a good day with S. We went to town, had a milkshake in our little cafe then came home and built a den.
    I caught up with last weeks Rev on TV. Not a bad day. x

  2. Just read all your other positive week posts and I love this idea. I am conscious I can be a bit of a glass half empty person sometimes so I might try this one week. As for me today – well I got to go to school to have lunch with my kids (for Mothers day), we have finished packing for Bigger Miss weekend at PGL with the Brownies and I managed to do a blog post that I’ve been meaning to do for about 3 months!! Hope you had a good day today – I will be looking out for your post 🙂

    • Thank you for commenting, its been good to do this because even though it hasn’t been easy to always find three things ( I’m glad i only decided to do 3) it has made me sit and think the day and realise there were good bits

  3. Well done for listing the positives in life. i need to sit down each day and list the things I have achieved…I often think I haven’t achieved much but in actual fact I am just being hard on myself!!!

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