My positive week:day 3 ðŸ˜Š


so Im blogging 3 positive things from each day this week in an effort to become less negative. Its harder than I thought ,especially as im poorly again today.
But here goes …

•I have a lovely brand new shiny phone ,I had had my iphone for 2 years and it had got to the point where the battery could only last an hour if not plugged in. I do love a new phone .

•Ive had lots of lovely comments. On my blog today about a post I wrote last night .

•Im afraid for my third one I have to repeat one from yesterday ,everybody is fed ,nobody is dead. I guess I can chalk that up as a parenting win.

Also as its Tuesday vampire diaries is on tv .That makes everything a little better.

How was your day ? Have you had a positive Tuesday?



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  1. Wish I could say “yes”to your last question but i got bad news today that I have an injury to my lower back/glute area.It means i cannot go to the gym for two weeks and although this sounds like something most people can deal with it is a v. difficult situation for me.I have anxiety,OCD and body dysmorphia so the gym was the only psychological relief i got from the daily mental torture i am now faced with.
    I will try my best.I want to get better.
    I am glad you had some positives though!:)

  2. This is such a great idea! I’ve been thinking about doing something similar for a while as I really need to concentrate more on the little positive things!

    I am a MASSIVE Vampire Diaries addict lol and YAY to new phones :O) x

  3. I’m really enjoying your positive posts 😀 Tuesday was okay.
    M is speaking way more so waylaying some fears of mine
    I painted my nails and felt happy about it
    My total raised for cancer research topped the £200 mark (just!)
    All in all an okay day x

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