There one where some got nominated and some didn’t.


I’d like to start this post by saying a couple of things β€’I didn’t nominate and I didn’t ask for nominations mostly because I want blogging to stay a fun thing for me , not a pressure to be a best blogger.

β€’I’m not bitter I am genuinely pleased for the people nominated and not at all jealous , I wouldn’t like to take their moment away from them at all, there are some blogs nominated that absolutely deserve every bit of recognition they get.

But I have to say that I think being nominated has a lot do with how many twitter followers you have and how much you ask people to nominate you , some almost beg for nominations , there’s also that whole
If you nominate me I’ll nominate you business. There are also quite a few cliques who will all vote for eachother. I don’t think nominations actually have very much to do with how good your blog is.
Which in my opinion leads to some great blogs that I read and enjoy which happen to be relatively small or new blogs being completely looked over. ignored Maybe the blogger doesn’t have so many followers etc to beg plead moan at ask nicely.

I’ve been looking at some nominated blogs and frankly I’ve seen better blogs that deserve recognition. But don’t get nominated for the reasons I’ve said. I love most all blogs especially the ones that haven’t become full of sponsored posts ,and reviews , which happens a lot. So if you have a blog which wasn’t nominated and you don’t not have a ridiculous amount of sponsored posts this award is for you , my friends , my fellow bloggers, the new small blogs
I present you with this

It’s called the ” I didn’t get nominated but my blog is Great too award”



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  1. Well said! I hated that week where most of the tweets on my TL were begging for votes and nominations. If people do genuinely like your blog and can be bothered to vote, then they will. I was amazed to be nominated, i didn’t even know till someone mentioned it to me, i didn’t ask for it and i certainty don’t blog for awards, just for the happiest it brings me. I think you’re totally right aboit it being about how many twitter followers you have. I wonder how many people who have voted for these blogs has actually regularly read them?!I love your blog btw =D xxx

    • Thank you Katie. It was all a bit much with everyone begging for nominations. There are bloggers I believe deserve recognition without question , people like Jennie Edspire , the team honk bloggers ,for example but I read a lot of blogs and it’s either sponsored post after sponsored post or just not that good a blog and they still gets nominations.
      I love your blog too , I really do ! It’s sweet , honest And genuinely interesting xxx

      • I agree, they are both amazing blogs! I hate blogs that are just money making sponsored posts and reviews, boring *yawns. Thank you, thats very kind of you to say. Sorry for all the typos in my previous comment, its early! xx

  2. You speak sense!! This has been annoying me for weeks now, I think it’s rude to ask for votes. If people like my blog, they would vote for me. I didn’t vote either xx

  3. I agree with everything you’ve said.
    It’s a bit like Eurovison – as in a lot of people vote for who they like, not necessarily what they like. I have voted for the blogs that I feel stand out and I genuinely feel happy for those who have been nominated. I could never be excited about the prospect of attending an awards ceremony because I’m agoraphobic and would dread the whole thing so in that sense, I am relived that I’ve never been nominated. Sounds daft maybe but that’s me. I write my blog for me. It’s my heart on a sleeve. My therapy. I’m very satisfied with the feedback I get from the people who take time to read it. That’s my prize.
    I was surprised NOT to see some blogs in the running for the MADS. There are some seriously good writers but I was pleased to see Edspire – a lady who writes from the heart.
    And I love this blog for the same reason – because it comes from the heart and it’s one of a few that I regularly read. x

  4. I have to say, as a newbie to all this, I had no idea that this stuff existed. I just thought blogging was writing about stuff you like and what your opinions are on things…I didn’t realise it could be a competitive thing. I mean, I suppose it must be nice if you get nominated, but I am just choosing blogs based on who I interact with on Twitter and who is nice to me! I think it’s about supporting each other. Maybe I’d feel differently if I got nominated, but I’m not worried if I don’t.

  5. I understand exactly where you are coming from. I’ve always found blogging awards a bit of a minefield and rarely representative of true blogging talent. I did write a single post about the awards after I had discovered that some one had nominated me, but I personally dislike the level of self-promotion that seems to be required and really wish that quality could just speak for itself. I know that there is not really any alternative to a popularity contest, though, with the number of blogs out there. People will vote for who they know, often without much more thought.

    I have very few twitter followers and hardly any blog readers, so I’ll never do well in awards. But I do love my blog. It’s a labour of love for me, where every single post counts. I’ve never written a review or sponsored post, and don’t intend too. I want my blog to be filled with my writing, not filler. Of course I’d like a few more people to read it, but I’m proud of it, and (without taking anything away from the great blogs who have been nominated) I do actually think that is more important than winning awards.

  6. Even though i did get nominated i totally get what you are saying. Enjoying your blog is the most important thing and if you need an award to back that up then you are not doing it for the right reasons. I like your blog a lot lovely and its the same for me, nice comments mean a lot more than anything else xxx

  7. I think everyone got a bit carried away with the twitter frenzy. I did feel a bit foolish afterwards for believing the hype (so not what I started blogging for). Not even put up a BiBs thingy. I’ve crawled back in my hole ha. Gosh – aren’t you honest. Fair play xx

  8. I totally agree with you, I was really shocked by a couple of the finalists, and then I saw their posts, tweets, followers etc! Of course some are amazing and totally deserve to be there but I wish the companies did it more fairly such as anyone can nominate for a set period of time, but then a panel of judges chooses- not voting! But I suppose they know they get a lot of press with all the vote for me links, posts, tweets etc!

  9. Oops can’t edit my post want to add I did put a badge on my blog and said I would appreciate any votes but didn’t tweet, post etc

  10. I’m finding this all fascinating as never knew about the blog awards thing till recently and can see how easy it is to be swept up in the excitement. Being what I consider a relative newbie, I’d seen badges on blogs before but didn’t think anything of them. Suddenly it’s ‘a thing’ like in major Book Awards and there’s a self-consciousness about it that wasn’t there before. There are, like yours, some smashing blogs out there – some nominated, some not. Again, a bit like in the world of books – we shouldn’t judge a blog by it’s badges.

  11. Brilliant post and very well said. I would of course have loved to be nominated but I refused to do anything about it – didn’t even put up a badge. In fact I have ignored the whole issue – I haven’t looked at who was nominated, haven’t voted and deleted anything that came into my inbox about it. Mostly it’s just boring and I really don’t have time for it all. I enjoy doing my blog and reading other people’s but I don’t have the time to ‘market’ it – too much real life to live! Oh and I would agree that it’s not always the best blogs that come out on top – whether it be in awards or the Tots or any other top blog list! #blogclub

  12. Great post! I haven’t bothered to enter awards for that very reason…I don’t think they represent the best blogs out there. As you say it is often those that have the most followers, do the most begging etc that get nominated. I am not going to do that. Ever. If people like my blog great, but I am not going to ask people to like it! It seems to me that there is an awful lot of ‘game playing’ when it comes to getting readers, likes, followers etc and that doesn’t sit well with me either. Thanks for your award!! πŸ˜‰

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