Sick and tired


I hate moaning about my health. I have IBS and psoriatic arthritis , I’m not going to die from either of them but at the moment my health is frankly s**t and I feel like a good moan about it may be just what I need.
It’s around 3 years now since I first became really poorly , pain , swelling , stiffness , sickness , diarrhoea , tummy pain etc and it took a long time and a million blood tests to get properly diagnosed but once I was diagnosed I started taking medication (lots of it) and I started to have periods of time where I was ‘well’ and the pain was manageable . Since a bit before Christmas though I’ve been constantly poorly.
The arthritis and IBS have been very bad , the pain stiffness and swelling had been constant and although most of it had been in my feet and legs until now my hands are becoming increasingly bad , and I’ve had far more bad IBS days than good ones. Along with this I’ve been getting migraines , which make me vomit. (a few times a week) and extreme tiredness. The medication I take for the psoriatic arthritis also makes me vomit so as you can see it’s a a bit of a disaster. It’s been so stressful and so painful that I’m also battling depression and anxiety too. After one of my many blood tests I was also diagnosed with microcytosis . I’m an absolute picture of health aren’t I.
I tried going gluten free as I noticed I was eating a lot of pasta and bread type foods but it hasn’t made much difference. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Last week I went to my gp and she ordered blood tests for me to get to the bottom of what’s going on. She wants to look at everything so the blood test was for a blood count , rheumatoid factor , vitamin D , b12 , a bone profile , inflammation markers ,blood sugar , cholesterol and liver function.
I will get the results on Tuesday and I’m hoping that they will just result in my medication being adjusted , I’d be happy to try something other than methotrexate (I’d even have steroid injections , despite my needle phobia because I’ve had one a couple of times before and it helped) but I’m also worried , very very worried that the blood tests are going to end up showing that there is even more wrong with me. I don’t think I will be able to relax at all until Tuesday. The IBS and arthritis are more than enough to be getting on with and I take more than enough different kinds of medication without adding to the list.
I just can’t get it out of my head that I might have been so poorly because there is something more sinister going on.
Roll on tuesday.


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  1. Poor you. 😦
    IBS and arthritis might not be life threatening but they are painful conditions. I’ve got arthritis and suffer from IBS intermittently. That’s bad enough so I can understand how fed up you must be feeling with it all the time, lovely.
    Try not to worry too much about your test results…easier said than done I know but stressing about it will only make your conditions worse.
    Medication can cause a whole load of problems and side effects so it’s quite possible that a tweak here and there will improve things.
    Thinking of you. x

  2. I can really relate to this post, as I suffer from all of these conditions to one level or another, and it is amazing how they steal your joy. Big hugs – it’s good to lean on others when we are feeling poorly – don’t think you have to suffer in silence x

  3. Oh Grethe, poor you. I am sure there is nothing sinister going on but iof course it makes sense to get it checked out so you can relax a bit and perhaps the anxiety easing off will help your symptoms. I really hope your GP can offer some suggestions about different meds, or different doses, it might take a while but I am sure you and he/she will hoot on a combination that works. Good luck. #blogclub

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