Gluco Tabs : review



The afternoon slump is something I’m very familiar with , the sudden lethargy , often accompanied by a headache , I often need to lay down in the afternoon / early evening .
I often find it difficult to eat regular meals because of my IBS and my other condition PSA causes a lot of tiredness so I’m always in need of a quick easy energy boost.
I have a lot of blood tests because of my conditions and my blood sugar is often slightly below normal levels.
I stumbled upon Gluco on twitter and decided to give their Gluco tabs a try.
They come in a variety of flavours , blueberry burst , tangy orange , juicy raspberry and zesty lemon and lime.
I bought a tube of tabs in raspberry flavour from sainsburys last week. I was very impressed , when I felt a slump coming on I chewed a couple of tabs and my energy levels were definitely boosted. I managed to fight off the slump .I also had one in the morning while I had my cup of tea in bed and it really helped me to get up and going.
They contain no artificial nastiness , they are free from caffeine , sodium and gluten and suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.
They give you a measured boost of 4g of glucose per tab , and you can also buy Gluco juice ,a small bottle of very berry flavoured juice (which is delicious) which gives you 15g of glucose .
Suitable for people who suffer with low blood sugar or anyone with a busy lifestyle including parents (who are always on the go) they are a really useful boost just when you need it.
The tabs come in small tubes easy to carry in your handbag or pocket and the juice is also in pocket sized bottles.
I was so impressed that I ordered the stay awake pack at Ā£19:99 for over Ā£27 worth of tabs and juice.
You can take a look at the website here
I should also point out the the p&p was free and I received my order two days later.
Also if you think you are suffering with low blood sugar it’s always worth getting checked out by your gp.

Lovely fruity flavours

Delicious Gluco juice

disclaimer : I bought and paid for these products myself and wasn’t asked to write a review , I did so purely because I was so impressed with the product.


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    • I honestly find them a real help. And although they say you can two or three I find one just enough of a boost. I’ve used the juice just a couple of times when I really really needed it. They are absolutely worth a try.

  1. These look lovely! I swear by glucose (just the powder) to perk my kids up when they are ill and not eating. It also got me through both labours with no drugs! However, after having recently read Brain Grain I am less likely to go for something like this…I now try and reduce my carbs and sugar intake in preference for protein. I do find it keeps me going for longer without the mid-afternoon dip.

  2. I munched through several packets of glucose tablets when I was in labour! I can vouch for their effectiveness. šŸ™‚

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