A good day


As last weekend was so completely rubbish and it’s been a long week I took the kids (3 of them) and the dog to my mums for the day .
I’m guaranteed a bit of time with my feet up at mums so it’s always a good plan.
Ollie put up his usual fight , it’s not getting any easier to get him out of the house and we got stuck in traffic which as you can imagine did not please Ollie at all.
But when we got to my mums we were met by the smell of food and a fresh cup of tea.
Mum made eggy bread for the kids , Ollie had 4 lots , I had a gluten free , cheese and tomato pizza , which I loved (I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it so much as I hadn’t heard good things about gluten free pizza)
And Maxi was spoiled rotten with dog treats.
I sat with my feet up flicking through the newspaper , and the TV magazine drinking tea while the kids watched TV , played on the iPad and even got some old toys out.
The first amazing thing about all of this is that at my mums the kids turn into quiet polite little cherubs that sit nicely together on mums bed watching TV , playing , eating biscuits (which they asked for politely with a please and everything… Who are these kids?)
The second amazing thing is that Ollie rarely plays anymore. He’s most happy playing on the laptop or Xbox and he likes ‘ alone time’ but today he and Zoë played with all of their big brothers old Pokemon cards and they played with a box full of plastic sharks , battling or something.
It’s just wonderful to see Ollie playing and laughing. Especially with his big sisters.
As my mum lives alongside the Thames and has lovely big windows we like to do a bit of people watching (I suspect we are actually just nosey) but we noticed a funny thing today. It was very warm , 17 degrees according to my phone but people obviously just don’t know how to dress in this early warm weather. For every person we saw walking along the river in a coat , hat and scarf , we saw another in T-shirt and shorts. I’m not sure which looked more silly.
Maxi enjoyed a nice bit of pampering , mum likes to brush her all neat and tidy , even though she will have a good shake a moment later and be a scruff in an instant.
Mum wanted to empty her biscuit tins so she could get some new biscuits in so the kids happily obliged in eating all the biscuits and I took care of the gluten free ones she had bought for me.
I needed today.
Today was just right.


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  1. Mums are great!! I’m very lucky to have mine just around the corner so we spend a lot of time with her and my dad. It’s nice to be able to go round there for a little bit of down time. They’ve been on hols for almost 3 weeks and we’ve all really missed them!

  2. What a fab day! And how great that your kids behave so well for you when you’re there so you can relax properly – mine are a bit more touch and go and sometimes visits to family leave me more stressed than anything else! #blogclub

  3. This sounds like such a lovely day! I’m so nosy too and noticed the same about the clothes people were wearing. I’m exactly the same though I still wore my winter coat thinking it might be a bit chilly 😉 So pleased you had a lovely day! Here’s to many more xx

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