So mum what do you think of obsidian ?


So mum what do you think of Obsidian ?
Obs-who ???
It’s obviously an ore mum , what’s your favourite ore.

Most bedtimes with Ollie start something like this , even when he takes his melatonin he can go on forever.
At night when he’s tucked up in bed , supposedly settling down , he has millions and millions of questions.
I will be honest I didn’t actually have a clue what obsidian is , I even had to use google to find out what ore was ( accompanied by much eye rolling from Ollie )

We talked about Ore. Googled all the different types , most of which Ollie knew) Learned about them , which led to Ollie asking about coal mines , where are they , do we still have them in our country , what happens when they run out?
I showed him ( on google) about the Aberfan coal disaster. Which he found very interesting , and then somehow the topic has gotten on to vaccinations. Who has them ? Why ?
Is there a link with autism ?
We were then talking about Bill Gates and his polio vaccine programme. Ollie then wanted to check on the richest man in the world. He remembered that last time we checked it was a Mexican businessman , with Bill Gates in 2nd place , but apparently Bill Gates is now at the top.
From there we talked and learned about the poorest country , Pluto ( because poor Pluto is no longer a planet ) , then space because ” all of space is just so amazing ” and much much more.
This was just one night.
Every night is the same , and the thing that amazes me even more than the fact that Ollie wants to know about all of this stuff is how much he already knows about all of it.
Ollie is an absolute sponge. He just needs to hear something or read something once to remember it forever. And he had a huge thirst for knowledge. I love how curious he is.
And although it’s exhausting keeping up with all of his questions every night I am continually amazed by him.

As for me … All I can say is thank God for google.


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  1. S is like this with numbers. Last night we sat and listened to him counting in bed. It fascinates me. I’ve a feeling I’ll be learning a lot more from S than he learns from me. πŸ˜‰ x

  2. LMBO – when I first started reading I thought ‘this is just the sort of question my son would ask me’ – he has autism too. I always answer questions like this as if being asked ‘do you prefer toast or cereal’ and if in doubt – always google. Oh yes, and deflecting the question back to the asker often works when completely stumped πŸ™‚

  3. I now understand why my parents always said ‘one day you’ll be old enough to understand that’ whenever I asked them something random and complicated – it was because they didn’t have Google – not sure what I’d do without it to be honest! Love Ollie’s enquiring mind, he sounds amazing, but I knew that anyway πŸ™‚ #blogclub

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