The one where Ollie is going to hug me even when he’s a stroppy teen


Ollie pointed out that in four years he will be ” what they call a teenager ”
I’ve had a bit of an evening with ‘ teenagers today , banging and slamming things and shouting at me and blaming EVERY thing That EVER happened on me , so Ollie said that he’s sure I will probably annoy him when he’s a teenager and he will probably slam things and sometimes get cross but that he will ALWAYS still love me even when he’s cross.
I said to him that one of the things that mums of teenagers love the best is when their kid gives them a hug and Ollie said well obviously I’m going to hug you every day ….. Even if you’ve been moany.

I love that kid so very much


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  1. S slams doors now and he’s not yet five. Gawd knows what he will be doing when he hits teendom. OMG! I hope I still get hugs though. He gives great hugs.

    “Even if you’ve been moany”

    Love that. x

  2. What a lovely thing to say! That gives me hope…I dread the teenage years! My 6 year old already acts like she is a teenager…I am hoping she is getting it out early 🙂

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