This weekend was an absolute blessing.


My ex comes to London once a month with his family to see the kids , because he comes far and I agreed to a stupid plan in court he stays at my house on the Friday and Saturday night , and I pack myself off to my mums with the Dog and Ollie and J. (My two with autism)
I was feeling rough all week in the midst of both an arthritic flare and an IBS flare so when he texted on Wednesday to say he would be here at the weekend I was massively relieved to say the least
I haven’t had a flare up this bad in the three years I’ve had these conditions.
Just before it was time to leave and get the bus to my mums I vomitted ( a lot ) and so the bus ride to mums was a nervous one. The boys were very worried I’d throw up on the bus. And J kept asking me (loudly) are you about to be sick mum? . luckily we arrived at mums just in time before I was sick again.
I wasn’t able to eat any of the lovely things she had bought me ( she had been out and stocked up on gluten free stuff) but I did get snuggled up in bed early and sparkling water was offered frequently . Every part of me was in agony but I slept well , heavily medicated.
The next day ,Saturday, We wanted to try popping out for a bit as the teen needed jeans. I was stiff and slow but off we went. No breakfast for me though As I still couldn’t manage food.
After a couple of hours we got back to mums and I was completely out of it. I lay on the sofa and could barely speak. I was in agony , raging agony and I felt so drained as I still hadn’t eaten. Mum was giving me dry crackers. Which I managed to keep down. Mum told me later that she was thinking maybe I should be in hospital at the point. But I slept , heavily medicated again , and in the morning I slept in till almost11:am.
I had a nice warm bath but still hadn’t been able to eat properly and I was extremely hot.
Mum wanted to pack a bag and come home with me but I felt she had done enough that weekend for me and must be exhausted.
When I got home I lay down and had another couple of hours of sleep. I’m not great today. But I dread to think what kind of mess I would have been in had I not been staying at mums. Because it was safe as the kids were looked after I was able to go to bed heavily medicated And sleep through the worst of it. I’m not sure how I would have coped had I been at home. Alone with 7 kids.
I’m not better yet but that weekend was a total life saver for me. I just really hope this flare up does one soon. And mostly I’m very cross that I didn’t get to eat anything at mums because she buys me all the best stuff.


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    • Thank you , I think I’m on the mend now. My mum really was a god send. I could never have slept so much at home and I don’t like to be medicated when im alone with the kids.

      I’m looking forward to reading your post x #blogclub

  1. What a blessing it was your weekend to be at your Mum’s – I’m really glad you’re feeling better…I hope she saves some of the gluten free lovely stuff for next time! Love the new blog layout too – I usually read on wordpress reader on my phone so this is the first time I have seen it properly! x

  2. What a horrible weekend…but a lovely mum! Us mum’s really are the best aren’t we! I really hope you are feeling better now. Looking after 7 kids? I wouldn’t be able to do that however well I felt! EEK!

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