Interview with a blogger : It IS all about me.


26 questions and answers all about me.
I nicked these questions from @lastgirlinlove !

what are your favourite smells ?
My favourite smells are pretty weird ones , fresh Tarmac is the best , the smell of a petrol station , paint , and the smell of a shoe repair shop.
If I could bottle the smell of Tarmac I so would.

can you go a whole day without caffeine ?

No! I don’t drink coffee but I drink a lot of tea. Sometimes 10 cups a day. And although sometimes I buy decaf I let myself down with the bottle ( small ) of coke that I drink every day.

who knows more about you than anyone else ?

I guess that would be my mum , although my kids know almost everything there is to know about me.

what song did you last listen to ?

Girl on fire ! Because it’s set as my alarm. It’s supposed to inspire me to get up and set the world on fire but actually I usually just press snooze :-/

do you have a crush on anybody ?

Oh where to start ?
Ian somerhalder ( Damon in vampire diaries )
Stefan in vampire diaries
Klaus in vampire diaries
Steve in Hawaii five 0
Danny in Hawaii five 0
* whispers* spencer in criminal minds

do you like the Beatles ?
Not particularly. I could probably only name a few songs , help ! , I wanna hold your hand , hey Jude , um…….
I don’t hate them but I’ve never purposely listened to any of their songs.

if you had to choose one colour to wear every day for a year what would you choose ?

That’s easy , I would choose blue. I love blue.

do you cook often ?

Well I cook every day. But sometimes that could be translated as heating something in the oven. I love homemade food but the kids , not so much.

what was the last film you watched ? Did you like it ?

Me and the kids saw Mr Peabody and Sherman at the cinema and we loved it. It’s a great movie. I love an animated movie.

can you sew ?

Nope I can’t even sew a button on. I am the least crafty person ever in the history of the world.

what is your favourite fruit ?

I think it’s probably banana , but I can’t eat a banana by itself. I have to eat it in a sandwich.

are you health conscious ?

I make a big effort to be. I don’t eat meat and I’m gluten free so I have to put quite a lot of thought into what I eat , I love vegetables. I’ve cut down on chocolate A LOT , I don’t really excersise though , because …. Well , boring

do you curse a lot ?

Not really. I don’t swear in conversation , I hate that , but if I drop something or something disastrous happens I will launch into a round of quick fire ” bollocks ”

when was the last time you had a pint of beer ?

Never. I’ve never ever had one. I rarely drink atall. A glass of baileys at Christmas and half a cider ( toffee apple ) every now and then.
I’ve never even had Gin. I know , I don’t even deserve to be a blogger what is it with bloggers and gin ?

is there a food you often crave for no reason ?

Yes , a chip butty ! Because …. Chips and bread.

what was the last book you purchased ?

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell , and I loved it. In fact I think everybody should read it right now

where was your last holiday

Last October I took the kids to a caravan in Clacton on sea. It turned I to a bit if an adventure because on our way home we got stranded by the storms and so we spent our first ever night in a hotel.

have you ever broken a bone , if so how ?

When I was eleven I broke my wrist when I was running backwards in pe
And a few years ago I broke my toe. Our cats were fighting so I meant to give them a fright by kicking the sofa but I kicked it so hard I broke my toe.

how do you like your eggs ?
Never , no way , no thank you.

are you superstitious ?
I say I’m not but actually I cannot walk past a magpie with saluting it and wishing it a good day.

how many children would you like ?

Well I have seven so I think I had better answer seven to that.

what is your favourite Disney movie ?

I don’t think I’ve ever actually thought about this before.
I’ve always loved the fox and the hound. And I love toy story.

who are your favourite authors ?

There are too many to name , I love books , I’ve read so many but one whose books I have loved , his books are amongst my favourites is John Green. The fault is on our stars ….. Will Grayson , will Grayson …. Paper towns….

what is your favourite season ?

Autumn. I love cardigan weather. Jumpers , scarves , blankets , the dark evenings.

what song can instantly make you happy ?

Hmm…. There are lots but Thats what makes you beautiful is probably number one ( sorry I know I’m not cool )

when was the last time you went out without a bra ?

Blimey , not since I had kids. So at least 20 years. Nobody wants to see that !

So that’s me , in 26 questions.
Why not join in and tell us a bit about yourself.


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  1. Great questions, I might have to borrow them for my blog 😉 I totally get those smells, I would have to add nail varnish to the list too! And really what is it with bloggers and gin? I thought it was only the old birds in soaps that drank it!

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