My playlist : what’s on yours ?


Music. It’s amazing really , music.
How it can completely change your mood. How a song can bring such vivid memories back to you.
As soon as I walk into the kitchen I switch the radio on , ( always tuned in to magic , I never said I was cool ) turn it up too loud and sing along ( badly) it makes the washing up go quicker and the ironing and cooking is much more fun with a bit of music.
I love a bit of kitchen dancing , especially with the kids , there’s a big lack of rythym in our family but we don’t care when we are in the kitchen.
My music tastes are not what you would call cool. I like all kinds. But the best songs are the ones that you can really sing along to .
Everyone loves busting out a good tune dont they. ( I use the words ‘good’ and ‘tune’ loosely)
It’s too hard to choose a favourite song because the more I ponder it the more songs come to mind that are my ‘ favourite song ever ‘
But somewhere in my list would be
β€’I knew I loved you ( savage garden)
β€’in the ghetto ( Elvis)
β€’up where we belong ( joe cocker )
β€’rule the world ( take that)
And dance with my father ( Luther vandross)
I also love almost every song that glee have covered.

Sometimes I get to go out of the house alone ( in peace with no moaning , squabbling , ” I want to buy EVERYTHING” kids , amazing right ?) and I love popping my earphones in and listening to nothing but the music I’ve chosen.

My favourite playlist is probably a long way from cool but this is the music that makes me most happy



What’s on your playlist ?


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  1. Firstly I totally feel your sentiment on music. It evoke the most powerful emotions, but at the same time calm. I can get lost in pieces of music (even more so when playing them myself) to the point where it calms down some of my TS symptoms.
    My tastes are very, very varied though so it’s tough, but here are a couple of things I’d put on a chilling out playlist:
    -Fever Ray – If I Had a Heart (very chilled out song and very chilled out album)
    -Burial – Untrue
    -Shpongle – I am You
    -Apex – By the Way
    -Placebo – Sleeping with Ghosts
    -Red Hot Chili Peppers – Pretty Little Ditty
    -Volumes – Edge of the Earth

    • I’ve never heard of a single one of them , which probably reiterates my uncoolness

      I’ve never enjoyed music without lyrics because I have to know what the music is about if that makes any sense.
      Is that just me ?

      • My other half is the same as you – as are a lot of people I think! I’m the other way, for me a good vocal track is like a “side dish” almost, with the music itself being the main course.
        I find that for me, it’s often not what the music is about as such, it’s more the power of the sounds themselves.
        Take Burial for instance – Burial tracks are a type of music called “hyperdub”, it’s a really odd type of music and not for everybody. There are no lyrics as such and the music itself is incredibly minimalist and basic, but I find that I get goose bumps just from listening to it.
        Then you have Fever Ray – her album is available on youtube, it was written while she was a new mother and was suffering from bad insomnia. I feel that her tracks capture that slightly empty, tired feeling when you are exhausted and you see that it is starting to get light out and you still haven’t slept. Her lyrics are VERY strange, with a lot of them you can read meaning in to them, but it’s not always definitive, I think that may be the intended effect.
        Sorry I’ll stop going on, I love music so much, I could sit here and type about it all night!!

  2. I’ve been blogging a lot about music lately, too.
    Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Europe, Boston, and movie soundtracks.

  3. Yes, yes, and thrice yes – I LOVE music!

    Your list is totally cool – because I too love all those songs! So glad to see Savage Garden up there, because Darren Hayes is my #1 music love! I could listen to that man’s voice forever!

    My music taste is wide and varied, I love from classic to pop to heavy rock! If it’s got a good melody and lyrics, it’s listened to!

  4. I have my earphones in every day on the walk back from in the morning. I too have very varied taste and my playlist consists of Chili peppers, Nickleback, Meatloaf, Beachboys, Elvis, The Beatles, Madness, James Blunt, Coldplay as well as loads of 60s artists to numerous to mention! I love music and could listen all day πŸ™‚

  5. Wow – lots of songs there that I call ‘goosebump music’ – it’s that good that you feel it in your skin. You can’t beat a good playlist to change your mood – whichever way you want to do that πŸ™‚

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