About a dog ….


Maxi our Yorkie will be 3 years old in march. I bought her from a friend , she was the runt of the litter , hence her name , she’s called Maxi because she’s mini., but it was the week after my nan had died and I just needed something new to love. To help mend a hole in my heart.
We had only had her for two days ( she was 9 weeks when we got her ) when she was having a sniff in the garden and fell down a very small step. She lay unconscious and floppy on the ground , So I picked her up and ran to the vets with her ( it was only a two minute run) it turned out she had cracked a rib which punctured her tummy. Meaning an operation and a four day stay at the vets. As well as lots of antibiotics and whatever else they add to the charges.
We weren’t insured. She was brand new.
But * luckily the bill was only £3000
* I cried alot at the shock of the bill. And got her insured immediately.
While staying in the most expensive vets ever it was discovered she didn’t seem to have been weaned properly before she was sold to us. So we had to pay for formula milk for her. Then prescription dog food.
But She just never took to dog food , she healed well and is now a fighting fit madam , she just never enjoyed food.
I tried everything. Every dog food available. I even went back and had her stay at the vet for a few more days so they could wean her.
Eventually we found she would eat chicken.
Not dog food chicken.
Sliced roast chicken * diva alert *
Flame grilled is of course her favourite.
She also become partial to rabbit food.
Not rabbit flavoured dog food , actual rabbit food ( we had a rabbit I wasn’t actually buying it for her ) the vet said she was growing fine and healthy so not to worry about her diet.
She lived for two and a half years on just sliced roast chicken and rabbit food until we got Milo last summer ( the cat )
She had a little love affair with cat food , mostly because she enjoyed stealing from Milo.
But she soon went back to chicken and guinea pig food ( no more rabbit food as our bunny died. )
Maxi has never asked to be fed
Not ever. Eating is a chore for her. And she likes it to be chopped up very small and preferably hand fed.
But …. Last week I was chopping carrot and peppers for the guinea pigs. Maxi watched me ,
I was watching TV a bit later and maxi kept coming to me barking and looking at the girls room. I thought there might be a lassie type ‘ Timmy’s down the well ‘ situation so I humoured her , I went in and she scratched at the cage , where the pigs live. I wondered if she wanted their peppers so went down and chopped some for her and sure enough she ate it.
Since then she asks for her plate of carrot and peppers every day. And she still eats her chicken.
She’s a palava , that dog !
She’s lucky she’s cute and lovable






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  1. Aww such a cutie!! You know how much i love yorkies having one myself, mine is also a diva, eating is a chore for him too. He won’t eat dog food, we have to buy him cat food (i doubt theres much different but he knows!) thats fine though as we have two cats as well so they all share. Such lovely photos =] a very sweet post xxx

  2. She’s adorable! My mother in law has a diva dog who won’t eat dog food. She loves chicken and liver and all cooked meats but she won’t eat tinned or dry dog food. She’s adorable though so we all give in to her!

  3. Oh my, she’s gorgeous! We started feeding our dog raw meat and bones about 18 months ago, on the recommendation of a dog trainer, which seemed a really strange thing to give him, and he thrives on it and is much healthier now. Dogs are funny old things!

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