Gluten free crumpets : review


I was over the moon to find gluten free crumpets in the tesco free from range.
Sometimes you just can’t beat a hot crumpet with ( too much) butter spread on it.
I will say I wasn’t overly keen to try these , they look a little ‘fake’ I don’t know how else to describe it. A bit plastic maybe.
But yesterday I was ravenous in the evening so I took the plunge.


Once toasted the crumpet actually looked appetising.

So , these crumpets are nice , very nice , in fact ive eaten the whole four pack since last night oops
But unlike most of the other gluten free things I’ve tried so far they didn’t really taste like the real thing.
I’m pretty sure you could pick them out as the ‘different’ one in a line up.
Disappointing because as I said sometimes you just can’t beat a crumpet.
These come a very close runner up ,
If you buy them expecting them to be just like normal crumpets you will be disappointed ( in my opinion) but if you buy them because you love a hot toasted snack I reckon they’d do the job just fine.

I give these a thumbs up πŸ‘ but I’m only rating them a 6 and a half / 10 because they just aren’t crumpetty enough.
I will buy them again but I will be on the look out for better.


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