🎉Happy one year birthday to my blog. ðŸŽ‰


My blog is one year old !
( actually it’s a year old on the 28th but it’s close enough )

A year ago I had the idea that I’d like to give blogging a go. As a hobby.
I had no idea if I would even find anything to write about , or if anybody would read it , but a year on it’s still going , people are reading it and I’m very very proud of it.
I’ve never really found a niche.
I’m not sure I want to.
I mostly write about autism and Ollie , when I started the blog I didn’t even know Ollie had autism. People that have been following from the start have followed that whole journey with me. It’s been emotional , stressful , sometimes hard to write but the support I’ve had from writing about it had been incredible.
I’ve recently started writing a lot of gluten free posts which have been received really well. And which I enjoy writing.
There’s also other stuff in there such as book reviews , I love books and I love telling people when I find a really good one.
I think ( hope) my writing has got better over the past year but some things haven’t changed. I’m not a planner. Who has time for that ? I blog about something when it comes into my head. Or when I can’t sleep at night. I blog in bed , on buses in the park. Wherever.
I’ve had a little criticism about my writing style because I write as I’m thinking , sometimes it doesn’t flow but that’s me , that’s just how I do it and it probably won’t change.
Every ‘ like’ that my blog gets makes me proud.
I love getting comments , it’s lovely to have written something that someone wanted to take the time to comment on. People have told me that some of my posts have made them cry , I love that ! Not because I like to make people cry but because it makes me proud that I can write something expressive and emotional.
And I love it when someone tells me a post has helped them or inspired them , that’s happened more times than I ever imagined. I’ve also discovered what a supportive community bloggers are and I’m proud to be a part of that.
Blogs dont really work without the readers. As much as people ‘ blog for themselves’ which I mostly do , just because I enjoy it , the fact is that once you hit publish you are putting it out there to be read , and there is always the hope that somebody will actually read it. ( in my opinion anyway ) so I’d like to say THANKYOU to every single one of you that had taken the time to read my blog , and for every like , share and comment , thank you.


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