Stir fry with Amoy gluten free noodles


I’m not sure how I’d got to be 39 without ever having eaten or made a stir fry.
But I had. In my quest for finding tasty gluten free foods I found Amoy straight to wok ribbon noodles. They are gluten free.
So I decided it was time to give a stir fry a try.

I chopped
• a green pepper
• a red pepper
• an onion
• a carrot
• I meant to use a clove of garlic but I forgot to buy it
• and I used half a bag of bean sprouts

I cooked the vegetables and the bean sprouts in some olive oil , in my lovely new Jamie Oliver frying pan.
When they were cooked I chucked the noodles in , added a big splash of light soy sauce and cooked it for a couple of minutes more.

And that was it. It couldn’t be easier.
Why have I not done this before ?
It made enough for 3 of us.


The noodles were lovely and the whole thing was delicious.

It’s going to be a weekly thing now I know how quick easy and tasty it is.
And I will definitely be using the Amoy noodles.


And here’s a gratuitous photo of my new frying pan …. Just because



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