” I don’t know “


Ollie has a new tic.
A new vocal tic. “I don’t know ”
His vocal tics come and go , they change , some go ,some come back , Ollie is kind of used to them. A word comes out of his mouth , it doesn’t mean anything . Tics !
But this newest one “I don’t know ” is proving to be frustrating .
Every time he says it he wonders what it is he doesn’t know.
And then he wonders why he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know .
And then he’s sure that there must be something he doesn’t know if he keeps saying it. And he gets frustrated ,And annoyed ,And upset .
And then he gets over it
And then he says it again
“I don’t know ”
Round and round it goes.


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  1. That sounds like a horrible mental loop to be stuck in. Would like to convey my deepest sympathies!! If you don’t mind me asking, does Ollie have OCD as well? That could be OCD interfering. I find that the obsessional side is a constant pain in the rear end when it comes to my tics – two perfect examples being “Is this a tic or a compulsion due to OCD” or “I don’t have Tourette’s, I don’t need to tic, it’s all in my head” (followed by me trying not to tic and ending up in a right state).

  2. I’m not sure when it comes to autism, I have been told I have autistic tendencies by some doctors and not by others (confusing).
    Are his tics caused by the autism or a tic disorder (eg. Tourette’s) – if they are it’s worth bearing in mind that OCD is very commonly comorbid with those types of disorders. Sorry I feel like I’m being intrusive asking questions, hope it’s not offensive.
    It does sound like a really nasty obsession like thought process though and I totally feel for the him. 😦

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